Advanced Tactical Fido Vest (ATFV)


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We at Cole-TAC have proudly been recognized as the industry leader in suppressor cover manufacturing for years. However, our continued devotion to our faithful customers’ needs extends well beyond those famous suppressor covers. Our loyal customers have repeatedly expressed fear and concern after filing a new Form 4 with the ATF—fear for their dog’s safety. Sadly, dogs everywhere hid fearfully every time their owner’s form was pending.

With these understandable consumer concerns in mind, we strove to manufacture the best and most advanced bullet-proof dog vest possible. After consulting with world-renowned canine psychologists and using the highest technology in both materials and manufacturing, we knew we could help ease the fears of both NFA owners as well as their beloved four-legged friends. 

During our initial planning stages, we designed several prototypes to help solve our customers’ troubling dilemma. Testing consistently remained our utmost priority in order to ensure proper pooch protection. Throughout the manufacturing process, we experienced some failures, but we learned at each step. After the long and arduous development phase, we finally discovered the success we desired. We can now proudly present the Cole-TAC Advanced Tactical Fido Vest, also known as the ATFV.

We designed this rugged vest to Level IIIA and constructed it with durable Al203 Ultra-High, Molecular-Weight Polyethylene. Our industrial canine vest also offers S-1 Level stab-proof protection on the chest, extremely useful if your mongrel encounters dangerous, stabbing threats.  

With contoured cuts for increased movement as well as durable, water-resistant polyester casing, the ATFV will outperform your dog’s daily tactical situations—whether he is fence hopping, penguin pursuing, wolverine wrestling, hog hunting, or turtle tracking. An anti-spall layer and a clear window will display your tax stamps for easy ATF agents’ viewing. All of these features are only 18 cm thick and weigh a mere 52.8 lbs.

With multiple sizes and color options available, the ATFV will become a staple in your canine’s wardrobe—right next to your stylish dog’s studded collars, matching jumpsuits, and other sweet swag. Optional vest accessories—including a dashcam, night vision system, dual cup holders, multiple USB charging ports, hands-free espresso maker, and state-of-the-art Bluetooth speakers—will make your chic hound the envy of the other pups at the local dog park. 

The Cole-TAC Advanced Tactical Fido Vest not only proves effective in tactical situations. Our multi-purpose AFTV also protects against aggressive pizza delivery drivers, annoying mothers-in-law, maddening mail carriers, predator pigeons, and killer squirrels—especially for those tiny ankle biters needing extra protection.

Like all of our outstanding products in the Cole-TAC line, the Advanced Tactical Fido Vest represents the finest creation in design, engineering, and manufacturing. We proudly created this innovative product to offer peace of mind for dog owners everywhere. We will ship the first batch of Advanced Tactical Fido Vests in the next few weeks, so visit and place your order today. Now you and your four-legged friends can rest easy, knowing your precious pooches are safe when an unexpected ATF agent knocks at the door.


Small: designed for chihuahua-sized dogs. Let’s be honest—these aren’t even real dogs.

Medium: designed for labs and other cool companions.

Large: designed for Saint Bernards and other wild and ferocious beasts. Your dog is either scary or overweight.

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Weight N/A

Small, Medium, Large

Base Color

Burnt Orange, Coyote Brown, MultiCam, Ranger Green

5 reviews for Advanced Tactical Fido Vest (ATFV)

  1. Troy

    I’ve been waiting for someone to release a vest that is effective against pizza delivery drivers. Will be ordering several soon!

  2. Sofric Kingfunni

    I gotta have two of these right away. Do you have a payment plan or maybe you could accept a second mortgage on my house?

  3. Donald J. Trump

    This vest is the most beautiful piece of art I’ve seen in the dog community. I’m surprised the K9’s could put this together, although the price is a bit overwhelming, after buying one for my whole pack of Siberian wolves they have proven to be great in combat against the third world countries.

  4. Fred Kaputnick

    My Chihuahua loves it. He is trained to take out the Achilles Heal ligament {makes people off balanced so they shoot left or right depending on which ankle is attacked] They also wind up walking with a limp.
    P.S. He doesn’t even notice the weight of this item.
    But I did have to cut back on his food because of the high price of this item, but now I just let him eat what he kills.
    At least he is safe, it all works out.

  5. Alex

    Price is a little steep, but you definitely get what you pay for. Tends to retain wet dog smell, otherwise it’s functional 100% as advertised

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