Backbone Bag Frame
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Backbone Bag Frame


The Backbone Bag Frame represents the next revolution in support bags.  The patent-pending design eliminates the need for straps that attach the support bag over the rifle or optic.  The hardcoat-anodized frame attaches to the rifle by either an American Defense Picatinny mount or an Area 419 Arcalock mount.  Four Velcro straps keep the bags securely in place, and the wide surface area of the frame prevents the bags from twisting and shifting. 

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(27 customer reviews)

The Backbone Bag Frame represents the next revolution in support bags.  The patent-pending design eliminates the need for straps that attach the support bag over the rifle or optic.  The hardcoat-anodized frame attaches to the rifle by either an American Defense Picatinny mount or an Area 419 Arcalock mount.  Four Velcro straps keep the bags securely in place, and the wide surface area of the frame prevents the bags from twisting and shifting.  

The beauty of the Backbone Bag System (BBS) is the adaptability and versatility.  The frame can be used on any of our other BBS compatible bags, offering you the best support for your shooting scenario.  Once you remove the frame, the bag can be used just like any other standard bag as there is no sewn in metal frame. This interchangeable design makes both the bags and frame extremely versatile.  Our Cuddle Bag, Little Cuddle Bag, Trap Bag V2, Flat Bag, and Tricorne are all compatible and can be purchased separately.

Like all of our rugged gear, this product is made in the USA and offers our lifetime warranty.  Buy your system today and give your bags a backbone.

– Backbone Frame
– Picatinny or Arca Mount


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Weight 0.0625 lbs

Arca, Picatinny

27 reviews for Backbone Bag Frame

  1. Jonathan Price (verified owner)

    Works great well buit

  2. John Woods (verified owner)

    This is a great bag, I was able to borrow one at a match and I loved it, and I knew it was the one for me! I also really like that ALL of the different Cole-tac bags can be ordered with the straps to use with the back bone mount. I ordered 2 additional bags to use with my back bone! Very nice product with several color options, and very sturdy construction. I would definitely by other Cole-Tac products.

  3. Ron Paiz (verified owner)

    Works awesome! Love it!

  4. Rex (verified owner)

    Cole-Tac is the best, as always. Great product, very innovative application. The wax canvas bag is solid and sturdy and being able to attach it to my ARCA forend is awesome!

  5. Jim Shema (verified owner)

    Workmanship and quality are great. I ordered the backbone and flat bag to use on nrl22 step ladder stages. Shallow enough to get through the steps easily and wide enough to rest solidly on the steps.

  6. onestoptopshop (verified owner)

    Works just like I had hoped, now I’m waiting for the bag to go with it along with some other goodies great company and Quality products

  7. ksataman (verified owner)

    I ordered this with Waxed Flat bag, they both work very well. My gun now rock solid. I chooses Arca model and have found that the frame using Area 419 Arca which is the best in industry. That really, really perfect.

  8. Tony Eberle (verified owner)

    I ordered this for use in NRL22 matches. It works really well with my trap bag and plan on purchasing a second one for use with another bag.

  9. Thomas C Fitzpatrick (verified owner)

    Great item the “X” design make it even better than the flat bag holders on the market. Meaning that it not just good for a flat object but can go into the crotch of a tree even tighter. Paired with a flat bag attached to a rifle this thing is the best.

  10. Chris Ajinga (verified owner)

    Great piece of gear especially when paired with colevtac bags. Love it on the barricade with the flat bag. Perfectly matched forcarca rail.

  11. Chris Kelley (verified owner)

    I love this thing saves time on transitions on barricades. Works great for hunting too. God Bless Col-Tac!

  12. Steve Mainus (verified owner)

    It looks great, very well built.

  13. Alex (verified owner)

    Fantastic system especially with the Area 419 arca mount!!

  14. Brian Witzeling (verified owner)

    Fantastic well designed and well built fits my Atheris upper perfect I was very impressed with shipping policy it came in three days!

  15. Brad Larson (verified owner)

    Great and easy to use product. Made my light weight .22 a lot more stable when combined with the trap bag! Love USA made products! Great job Cole-TAC

  16. Wm Andrew Certain (verified owner)

    The Backbone Bag Frame is well made and sturdy. It is fairly light weight. The Arca connection is very positive as per normal. It can be used with the Smooth Rail or the Serrated Rail.
    It comes on and off the bag easily and transfers quickly to a different bag for a different stage.
    An Excellent Piece of Equipment.
    Little Rock, AR

  17. Rick Anderson (verified owner)

    Very good for the positional stuff!! Thank you Cole-tac for your support of the 22 NRL here in South Dakota! That’s why I purchased from you! I have 2 bags, a brass pouch and the data card holder that goes on your scope! All are well made and high quality!! Thanks again!

  18. Kent Kingston (verified owner)

    I purchased this frame with the Arca mount and the flat bag. I decided to purchase from Cole-TAC because of their continued support for the NRL22 league. I am extremely happy with my purchase and have received an exceptionally high quality product.
    The black anodized color with the laser engraving looks sexy and I love the “Made in the USA”. They use the Area 419 Clamp which is amazing, especially for the price. Normally the clamp alone costs as much as the entire frame. I really like how the bracket is bent to fit in as closely to the rail as possible. This minimized overall height and makes it super easy to get in and out of tight areas like ladders and chairs. It fits the bag perfectly and I also like how other bags have the same strap system so you can use it for many different configurations. The width gives excellent stability during shots off barricades and the ladder and my impacts have improved a ton just by switching to this system. If you are looking for a high quality, made in the USA bag and mount system, this one will be the last one you will ever need. Shipping was very quick and I received email updates with tracking so I knew exactly when it was going to arrive. Cole-TAC is a stand up company that delivers a very high quality product at excellent prices. You can’t go wrong with one of these setups.

  19. Joe F

    So the backbone plate and different bags (I use the flat bags) seem to be mostly billed for competition, and I can see why. But for actual tactical use, it is perfect. Lightweight, great for shooting off rocks, posts, etc…anything you can rest it on and load the rifle. I leave it on the rifle all the time, but its nice to be able to quickly take it off if you need to. Outstanding products from Cole Tac

  20. Gene Kurtz (verified owner)

    Great design. I love it. Keep up the quality products

  21. Lovie MacPherson

    Thanks, Lovie MacPherson for

  22. Barry (verified owner)

    Exactly as described. Great price and fast shipping.

  23. Dallas (verified owner)

    The picatinny backbone system works better than I hoped. I was at first apprehensive of the thumb brace lock on the Picatinny BS (PBS)rather than the knob on Arca; however, I completely the opposite now as its design is engineered well. I was afraid the lever would catch and release the PBS, but it has a separate easy to use lock to prevent that from occurring. It looks bullet proof in retension, yet easy to remove under the clock by simply releasing the lock and throw the lever to open jaws. We engineered and appears sturdy. Now the test of time and movements. Recommend and I’ve ordered an Arca Backbone System (ABS) for a different gun.

  24. brenst5 (verified owner)

    Another terrific product from Cole-tac. Easy to use. Attaches and removes quickly, and very adjustable.

  25. Jason Johnson (verified owner)

    Purchased this item along a waxed flat bag, worked great for positional shooting on tight barricades, made for faster transitions to different positions since this was already attached to arca rail

  26. Brent Simpson (verified owner)

  27. Brent Stringfellow (verified owner)

    I wasn’t familiar with cole-tac at first I have a ton of different bags from other companies. I wanted a plate to attach bags to my arca rail. I looked at a ton of other options and they were all sold out. When I came across the backbone I figured for the price it will hold me over until other options are available. Now that I have been using it I love the system. I was so please with not only the product but also the customer service. I have now completely converted to all cole-tac accessories every bag I use now. Their products are top notch and the fact that there are so many options that attach to this it’s so helpful. I am new to prs/nrl type of shooting and these products have helped me grow as a shooter tremendously. The lock up is tight I know when I put this on it’s staying right where I put it. I like the strap system because you can adjust the firmness simply How tight you put the straps on. Keep up the innovation cole-tac I will never buy another bag from anyone else

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