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Woobie Bag


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Cole-TAC’s engineers designed the Woobie Bag to help shooters steady their important shots. The Woobie Bag’s cylindrical shape provides a comfortable and secure grip to steer your elevation perfectly. Our lightweight polymer fill gives the proper flow, consistency, and weight to have your rifle settle in and take your shot. In addition, the large grab handle and sewn-in sling attachment loop provide fast maneuvering between positions. The Litelok outer shell is exceptionally durable, soft, and lightweight.

Along with our other amazing products, we design and manufacture our Woobie Bag in the U.S.A. and offer it with our unbeatable lifetime warranty. Get your Woobie Bag and know you have the needed comfort and security to make those tough shots.

Additional information

Weight 0.7385 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 4.5 × 4.5 in

Black, Coyote Brown

10 reviews for Woobie Bag

  1. Rusty in Oregon (verified owner)

    Super quality bag … light and solid. Perfect as a squeezable stock bag to manage elevation.

  2. JB (verified owner)

    Beautiful stitching and super high quality materials, useful in many ways.

  3. Tim R oberts (verified owner)

    Great bag. It helped me sight in my rifle with comfort.

  4. Brian of Troy (verified owner)

    Another 5/5 product from an amazing company. The bag is perfectly filled. Not to much, not to little.

  5. David Needham (verified owner)

    A perfect addition to my Cuddle Bag! I’ve used it as a rear bag and as a little riser for my Cuddle Bag. Works great to lift up the rifle up higher from the bench when firing with standard capacity magazines (AR, AK, Galil, X95, M1A, etc.).

    As with everything Cole-Tac, the build quality is unrivaled. Made in the USA, high quality, and inexpensive? Yes, please!

  6. Sovida T. (verified owner)

    Perfect size for a rear bag. Still allows me to use the lower spigot mount on my chassis, and can handle elevation one would encounter in most situations. Also small enough that it doesn’t crowd you on the stock.

  7. Cody (verified owner)

    I never knew I needed a bag made out of this material until I got my hands on this unit. Great compact size to have for the just in case situation.

  8. Thomas Mautino (verified owner)

    Put together well, but it seems like mine has way to much fill to be effectively used as a rear squeeze bag. I guess I will have to cut some stitching and remove some fill and restitch.

  9. Jose (verified owner)

    Great bag.

  10. Gary

    This hurts to type, because the bag is very well made, as expected. It has enough fill that I may as well use a brick for support but that’s OK since I can adjust the fill…. in theory. Unfortunately the zipper has no pull tab and arrived completely jammed up so I can’t open it. After a half hour I’ve gotten maybe a hundred tiny beads out and really chewed up the zipper slider. Not too impressed with this one.

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