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Keep your rifle and optic clean and dry with the Cole-TAC Rifle Guardian. Made from a water-resistant, lightweight material, this rifle cover is the raincoat your rifle needs. This advanced material is 30% lighter than 500D Cordura Nylon but just as strong. The seams are double stitched for extra strength and security. The adjustable strap on the back works for rifles from 44 inches to 56 inches. With Hook and Loop closures along the bottom to keep dirt and dust out of your action, your rifle will be running no matter the conditions. The Rifle Guardian can be stowed inside itself in a small package, so it can just stay in your pack until you need it. This rifle cover is made right here in the USA by a company who stands behind your gear no matter what. Get yours today, and guard your rifle with the Rifle Guardian.

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Additional information

Weight 0.4005 lbs
Dimensions 9.5 × 5 × 1 in
Base Color

Black, Black MultiCam, Coyote Brown, MultiCam, Multicam Alpine, Wolf Grey

23 reviews for Rifle Guardian

  1. Brendan

    Great piece of gear to have at a rainy day match

  2. Shawn (verified owner)

    Great piece of equipment to had to your long day of hunting in rainy or dusty conditions. Easy to use and big enough for the biggest long range rifles.

  3. Marty Cook (verified owner)

    Received my new rifle guardian last week just in time for a five day long range shooting course in south Texas, and it is going to be extremely, Tried the fit on my 338 Lapua as well as my 300 win mag on a chassis stock, fits well also my nine year old son loved the stickers that you threw in.

  4. Johnny (verified owner)

    Awesome quality! Fits great protects well. Need to pickup a couple more.

  5. Braxton Childers (verified owner)

    Great product very easy to use and pack back up. Pack up very tight and extremely light. Great for rainy and dusty conditions. Definitely worth every penny!!!

  6. JEREMY Dale STANDKE (verified owner)

    After a extremely rainy and snowy march match in Nebraska followed up by a and snowy match in may in Minnesota. I knew that I needed to take every precaution to keep my rifle chamber dry and optics dry so this was a must add piece to my kit it is extremely well-made dtacs down really well and is hardly even noticeable in my Match bag where I have it stored with my bags rain fly it fits the rifle well being so universal is exactly what I needed. I look forward to not having to use it if I do I know it’s got me covered !

  7. Carlson Reese (verified owner)

    I’ve been to benchrest matches that were shot under a roof, but when the rain starts blowing the roof doesn’t help. I love my cover, rifles aren’t cheap, protect your investment. Great craftsmanship, like all their products.

  8. kp church (verified owner)

    It folds down small and easy to pack in the day pack. Had to pull it out on the very first time out with it in my pack. Works great!! Had 1/2 the squad ask about it and comment that they want one.

  9. Z Saltzman (verified owner)

    I bought my son and his daughter each a rifle protector after standing in the rain during a match and trying to help keep their precision rifles dry with an umbrella. They are really happy with their surprise and are looking forward to using them during next competition season.

  10. Johnny Sprinkle (verified owner)

    Bought the Rifle Guardian after a rainy and windy match let me know I needed protection for my rifle in adverse conditions. Have not had a chance to use it but was highly recommended from many experienced shooters that owned and used it. Nice product.

  11. Dennis Brierly (verified owner)

    Great light weight product. Rolls up small so takes almost no room in your pack.

  12. Jeff Tafoya (verified owner)

    Ordered the Rifle Guardian for a very dusty PRS match and it worked great! Traveling in a UTV and it kept the rifle clean. Great customer service by Cole-Tac! They shipped fast. Highly recommend this piece of gear for competition shooters and hunters! Packs into an approx 3”x 8” bundle and stores easily in a pack.

  13. Bill (verified owner)

    Used it this weekend, very easy and quick to get on the rifle and most importantly get it dry.

  14. Matt LaCroix (verified owner)

    Black multi cam looks awesome!! Fit and finish are excellent!! Wouldn’t expect anything else from a high quality brand.

  15. Jeff Rorer (verified owner)

    Absolutely perfect fit for my long 32” barrel competition rifle. I love the Velcro on the bottom for extra protection. This fits around my bipod perfectly. Rolls up like a small pocket and is very lightweight. This is must have gear for our upcoming world championships.

  16. Gary (verified owner)

    Folds up nice and compact, lightweight, fits my rifles well, and my initial test resulted in a still dry rifle after a few hours.

  17. Chris (verified owner)

    Great piece of gear. Very happy with the customer service.

  18. Alain J. (verified owner)

    convinced of the quality of Coletac products I bought the Riufleguard. Its purpose it fulfills to 100pro but 60Usd for a wafer-thin piece of nylon … the price-performance is not right in my opinion at all

  19. Tom M.

    Great quality. Works well to protect my rifle. Great Purchase

  20. Greg Nunez (verified owner)

    For me the cover exceeded expectations. I feel I got what I paid for .

  21. alangriffith6.5×47 (verified owner)

    Great product. Great CS. Use it to keep dust off my NRL22 match rifle which is always sitting on the ground. Protects it from dust the wind is blowing around or if one of the other competitors happens to trip and kick up sand…..NO PROBLEM!

  22. Jason Dunn (verified owner)

    Light weight, packs down small and kept my rifle dry. Recommended

  23. Tim

    Won’t go anywhere without mine. Great for the elements, but also for sandy environments, and clumsy people kicking dirt/debris around.

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