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The Go-To Shooting Mat from Cole-TAC is the perfect addition to your gear. Made in the USA from water-resistant 1000D Cordura, it comes in a package small enough to fit in your backpack. We recently updated its design with repair-buckle hardware and sewn-in stake loops. Both make the Go-To Shooting Mat lighter and faster to pack up. It’s also padded in the front area, protecting your elbows and keeping an extra insulative layer between you and the cold ground. The padding is closed-cell foam, ensuring it won’t absorb water or melted snow as you get settled.

Each Go-To Shooting has a base width of 30″ and a length of 72”. In addition to its base length and width, it also has a set of 10″ x 21″ “wings” sewn into each side to give you some extra space for your arms and other gear.

The Go-To Shooting Mat will enhance your shooting experience for years to come. This is the perfect addition for novice shooters as well as the most experienced shooters who rely on their gear to perform in all conditions.


Material:          1000D coated Cordura nylon, Mil-Spec metal hardware

Padding:           ⅛” thick closed cell foam 28” x 15”

Open Size:        30” x 72”

Closed Size:      15” x ⌀5”

Weight:            1 lbs base

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Additional information

Weight 2.2025 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 5 × 5 in
Base Color

Black, Black MultiCam, Coyote Brown, MultiCam, Ranger Green

13 reviews for Go-To Shooting Mat

  1. Darrell Wong (verified owner)

    Used it for the first time on dry rocky dirt. Padding was sufficient, and the wings are necessary. What I did do was seam seal the face side stitching (diy silicone caulking/mineral spirits)–old camping habit…one day it will be used on wet ground!

  2. Braxton Childers (verified owner)

    Great product, have had a chance to use it on several different types of terrain. Padding is good and wings keep are differently necessary and both are very much worth the extra price. Overall very pleased with this product and worth every penny!!!

  3. Joel Berke

    A well made and great looking product. Well worth the money!

  4. MC (verified owner)

    Great product. Very well made with excellent attention to detail. Compacts down to fit nicely into pretty much any pack. Definitely the best compact shooting mat I have come across. Highly recommended.

  5. Tim Roberts (verified owner)

    This mat is absolutely amazing. It is simple to use and the material seems very high quality. Thanks COLE-TAC

  6. Jeff R (verified owner)

    It is exactly what is advertised. Glad I sprung for the padding! M81 always looks cool.

  7. Mike T (verified owner)

    Mat works great. love how it rolls up nice and tight and fits in range bag. order the wings also. ..only part i didnt like was its not fully padded. only the front top section is. (Which is tells you in the description so that’s my fault). other than that a awesome mat.

  8. Alan Rice (verified owner)

    This Matt is awesome. I really like that the padding is only on the elbows, makes the entire package very small when rolled. The Cole-Tac shooting Matt has everything I need and nothing I don’t. Added bonus: Cole-Tac products are made in New Hampshire USA

  9. Ralph H Pridgen III (verified owner)

    The ground was wet and icy I was not! It performed as expected, appears to be well built and I am looking forward to enjoying this for a long time. Welcome addition to my kit.

  10. Martin (verified owner)

    I had my Go-To Mat out in the snow. The snow had softened, and whenever I loaded the bipod the spiked tips sunk in several inches. I’d spent an hour snow shoeing to get to this spot and I really needed DOPE for an upcoming match. I decided to just put the spikes on the mat and try to stich up the holes later. The rifle weighs 16.5 pounds. When I finished, I was surprised to find no holes in the mat- in fact I couldn’t even see where the spikes were. The padding and wings work very well in the snow- I’m never cold, and while if I’m shooting for an hour or so my body heat will melt the snow underneath, the mat absorbs none of it. It rolls easily, and the strap configuration is much better than the velcro on my other mats- doesn’t pick up dirt and grass. Really excellent product.

  11. B Long (verified owner)

    Finding a functional shooting mat that could be strapped to the bottom of my pack without added bulk or length that makes trekking hills noticeably harder or requires doing the bob-n-weave to avoid snagging on whatever is along narrow stretches of trail seemed impossible. This mat solves that and is absolute quality craftsmanship. While this mat certainly does not have all the padding of a heavy that gets carried 100 yards from the truck bed, it has enough to pretty much remove any concern of sharp rocks under the ribs and forearms and packs like it is not there.

    The included bipod keeper works, but I don’t really know that I will have a need for it. If you are shooting off a slick surface (I tried it on a concrete pad just for kicks) that is impossible to get feet to hold, it makes total sense. The loops on the strap that you slip the legs into are not super wide, so if you use something like an Atlas CAL or 5-H, Elite Iron, or FC/PC/WB series Accu-Tac, you will either need to remember to put the strap on before you deploy the bipod or put it on once and then unhook from the mat and secure it on the bipod when you need to move. The distance between the loops is simply not enough to get over these legs when deployed, even if they are not extended.

    I didn’t find a need for the included wings for my shooting position, but I did find they are helpful for tossing spent mags and a logbook on rather than having those kinds of things end up in the dirt or around the rifle. They are thin enough that they can be folded under the mat and never be noticed.

    The material itself seems plenty durable. Definitely will shield you from damp ground – got rained on and the mat held enough rain water for a day’s ration.

    My only complaint (took a star), which may go away with use, is the material/coating makes for a slick surface. Enough that every 2nd or 3rd shot from places where I could not get some dirt behind my heels resulted in my having to belly back up to the rifle. Not much, but I could see changes in my sight picture with recoil. If the material roughs up a bit with more use then this will likely go away. Guessing adding some grip around the knee area would defeat the purpose of a light/low bulk mat so not really shocked that it is the way it is.

    As for Cole-Tac the company, fantastic service. Money well spent.

  12. Regent (verified owner)

    This is a great mat and I love the bipod straps so that I can load the bipod properly. I would only recommend that the straps be offered for a wider stance bipod. The straps are made for the Harris and Atlas style footprints but will not fit my Elite Iron Revolution bipod because the stance is too wide. Not a super big deal but would like this offering and possibly as an additional accessory. Love the mat though because it is light and comfortable enough. Great balance of cushion and weight.

  13. Will P (verified owner)

    Easy to fold up and deploy. Kept my fat*** out of the mud which is what it’s meant to do. Great product. Great company. I will be back!

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