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The Cole - TAC Promise

The Cole-TAC Promise
Cole-TAC understands you work hard to spend your money on quality gear and equipment. With every purchase, you expect years of use. We have offered a lifetime warranty policy since our company’s birth but have never put it into writing. The more we thought about it, we wanted to brag about our gear and how confident we are that you will love our exceptional products. We carefully plan and manufacture every material, hardware, cut, and stitch, and we consistently design our gear with these principles in mind. Our company wants to ensure that, once your gear leaves one of our facilities, it will serve you as long as you need it. If, at any point, your gear fails or does not meet your highest expectations, we will repair or replace that item. Our promise to our loyal customers remains simple: If you don’t like our gear, we will work with you to ensure you do.

If you have any questions regarding our unbeatable lifetime warranty policy, please contact us here.