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The Flat Bag was developed with the Backbone Bag System in mind. The thin profile allows the flat rifle support bag to be used in a variety of shooting situations. From smaller openings to posts or barricades, this little guy provides major support. The flat front surface also gives you the ability to push and load up on your rifle.  It can be used with the Backbone Frame or as a stand-alone rear bag.

Like all Cole-TAC products, the Flat Bag is constructed with 1000D Cordura nylon and uses the toughest hardware available. The crushed polypropylene fill prevents water absorption and rotting. This bag features our lifetime warranty and is made in the USA. Purchase your Flat Bag today and lay your competition out flat.

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Additional information

Weight 0.7925 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 2.5 in
Base Color

Black, Black MultiCam, Coyote Brown, MultiCam, Ranger Green

22 reviews for Flat Bag

  1. Daniel (verified owner)

    Great little bag from an amazing company that stands behind their work. I asked for a heavy fill and Cole-Tac did it. The heavy fill is nice and I believe better than the light. Forms around a barricade great. Not too heavy but not too light. I’ll definitely be using this in the deer stand too.

  2. Jarod C (verified owner)

    Paired with a backbone, this is a great bag for barriers and out of position shooting. Fantastic quality, great American made product

  3. Petz Firearms (verified owner)

    A well-constructed product using quality material. My only complaint is the new bag is too hard. Wish I had known that I can tell Cole-Tac to make that bag softer. Other than that one issue, the product is awesome.

  4. Chris Ajinga (verified owner)

    I paired mine with the back bone and love it on the barricade!

  5. Douglas karowsky (verified owner)

    Excellent quality bag and frame. You need one now!!!

  6. Douglas karowsky (verified owner)

    Frame and bag are like peas and carrots, get them and you’ll be glad you did.

  7. Steve Mainus (verified owner)

    It is very well made! My rifle isn’t quite finished yet, I can’t wait to try it out.

  8. Gene Kurtz (verified owner)

    I like its light and with the backbone, a winning combination.

  9. Alfredo Ramirz (verified owner)

    I am so happy with the product, great combination with the backbone.

  10. Jefferson Hanover (verified owner)

    This a great product . Great quality and great price.

  11. Rick Porter (verified owner)

    Really like the bag. It would have been nice if who ever packaged it for shipping would have closed the Velcro end to keep the little pellets in the bag

  12. Paul Y (verified owner)

    Very good quality bag!

  13. dcdebord (verified owner)

    Excellent product bought bag and backbone arca style, fast shipping and nice Military discount. When I received the items I started to install the bag to the backbone and noticed some black beads on the counter. Took a real close look at the bag and found a very small tear one one end. Emailed customer support and sent some pics to them, I thought I would get a response in a few days but to my surprise I had a return email immediately. They apologized for the defect and sent a new one right away! This is a great company to deal with, they stand behind there products, I will be ordering more items in the near future.

  14. Rod (verified owner)

    When this bag arrived the stuffing (black beads?) was everywhere. The Velcro wasn’t sealed and some of the beads were stuck in the Velcro. Need better QC.

    Used the bag at a match this weekend and things were going well until one of the Velcro straps let go in the middle of a stage. Maybe an extra 1/2 inch in length would help?

  15. Max

    Ordered the waxed canvas version it with the Backbone. The Velcro and beads are genius. Why buy Arca or MLok weights when you can fill this with sand or lead shot to perfectly balance the rifle just forward of the magazine well? Ordered on Weds arrived on Sat, shot a match on Sun. Perfect size for tank traps, ladders, saw horses, and tires. American made quality and innovation.

  16. Atlas

    Overall very good little bag for the price. All other bags are rediculously over priced regardless of how well they are made. Which is unfortunate of many of the products in the “PRS/NRL” shooting industry, (i.e. bags, scope rings, bubble levels, throw levers, etc.).

    Perfect size and fits well with my MAZ precision arca bag plate. Bag is lightweight so hoprfully it will last, only time and use will tell. Would have given it 5 stars if it had been sewn with double stitching and made of heavier cordura, not the thin stuff. A little heavier cordura and thicker stitching thread doesn’t make the bag much heavier if at all, but will add noticeable durability! You should always double stitch items of heavy wear like “shooting bags” because they are going to be rubbing on rocks, dirt, fences, etc.! For reference, i used to have our guys make deployment bags, rifle bags, etc. and I would have them order a little heavier cordura (by bulk for cost savings), and then double stitch everything of high wear, (ie. shoulder straps, handles, padding, etc.) in order to produce a solid product that would last. The overall cost was negligeable when you order bulk, which i’m sure Cole-Tac and others do.

    Cole Tac is a very good company! They listen to the customers needs and charge a fair price on the majority of their products, which is more than i can say about the majority of the industry right now. Hopefully they’ll take this on board and make some necessary changes yet not drive the price up through the ceiling.

    I’ve recently tested the bag a little and it seems to be holding up. It is however starting to show some wear. It is definitely worth the cost and a better choice than others for the price.

  17. Brian Blubaugh (verified owner)

    Great quality and reasonably priced. It worked great on my rifle for PRS competition

  18. Mani (verified owner)

    I just LOVE this bag. Its light weight and the design to attach it to the Backbone Frame is excellent. I also purchased the Backbone Frame for Picatinny rail and the Frame has an easy detach lever, not the knob as shown on the picture. Easy to attach and take off during stages. (I think the picture on the website needs to be updated so you know that it is not a knob).

  19. logojude (verified owner)

    Seriously love the fit between the magwell and my vert grip on the Mk12.
    This is what spoiled and pampered feels like. QD action with the Backbone makes me feel like one uh them pro-fesshun-al shooters.
    Great quality. Looking forward to never using the warranty.
    Thanks, Vicki!

  20. Trev. B (verified owner)

    Awesome company that stands behind their work. That impresses me!
    I haven’t used the little bag yet, but it is very well made and light!

  21. James (verified owner)

    Another great product,can’t wait to hit the range.

  22. Jeffrey Davis (verified owner)

    Bag is well constructed and fits backbone perfectly. My only complaint is it is very light. I changed the fill and all is well

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