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The Corset Suppressor Cover from Cole-TAC represents the latest design in our outstanding history of making the best suppressor covers available. With military operators’ input, our engineers designed the Kevlar and Nomex construction to provide extreme performance under the most demanding conditions. Extensive testing of the Corset Suppressor Cover proves its unmatched performance. This custom-made suppressor cover ensures optimal coverage and perfect fit, and the cinch-style cording keeps the cover in place, even with the highest recoiling calibers. Our cover’s safety and security offer peace of mind for any possible scenario you may encounter. Contact us to see how Cole-TAC’s Corset Suppressor Cover will confidently cover your can.

  • Max Temperature Rating: 3150°F
  • Materials: Kevlar, Nomex, Carbon Fiber
  • Weight: 0.25 oz/inch
  • Shortest Length: 2.5 inches
  • Smallest Diameter: 1 inch
  • Attachment Method: Kevlar Corset Cinch Cord

Additional information

Weight 0.3685 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 2.5 × 1.5 in

61 reviews for Corset Suppressor Cover

  1. Andrew (verified owner)

    Ordered this cover to ensure I not only have the temperature and mirage protection on my AR-15 but to bridge over to my hunting rifles. The corset arrived amazingly fast and it is well crafted to the exact size requested. Was able to secure it easily and not concerned with “walking” on a heavy fire schedule. If in doubt on what cover to purchase, the corset is a one piece cover all options model.

  2. Nick Friederich (verified owner)

    I love this new cover design. Cinches down super tight with the cord, and does a wonderful job of mitigating mirage and heat. Super heavy duty construction as well.

  3. Taki Ioannidis (verified owner)

    Ordered this for my rifle and it showed up extremely fast. Great cover and design. Love the look of the corset as well! Overall very impressed with the clean look.

  4. Brian gray (verified owner)

    Great looking cover and fast shipping will be ordering for 5 other cans when they get out of jail????

  5. w2rac (verified owner)

    After watching the review on NFA Review channel I just had to have one. I was not disappointed! Excellent cover. My wallet is going to hate me.

  6. Richard

    Freaking AWESOME cover. Love it so much I bought another. I get complements every time I show it off.

  7. chris (verified owner)

    I have transitioned 100% to Cole-tac over the years. Best covers on the market in my opinion. I was hesitant purchasing the corset cover at first due to the lacing but it has proven to be fantastic and I highly recommend it especially for semi and full auto setups prone to high heat and propensity to cover slippage. This one hasn’t slipped yet.

  8. Max Brown (verified owner)

    Perfect fit! This Corset Suppressor cover is very high quality and arrived quickly.

  9. Stephen Harp Sr. (verified owner)

    I have never used a suppressor cover before and did significant research before my purchase. I ordered 2 corsets and they arrived quickly. The quality is excellent! They seem to be a little expensive but you won’t regret your purchase. I have one more suppressor currently in jail and I’ll be ordering another cover as soon as ATF approves my permission slip.

  10. Timothy Luna (verified owner)

    Are you kidding?!?! This thing the bomb! I ordered a custom made 5.5”x 1.5” cover. It was in production for a week they had it to me within 3 days once it was done. No way this thing will slip and I don’t think you silencer is going to hit 3150 F. The steel would melt at 3k. It’s a beautiful thing. Looks great! You couldn’t ask for better construction. Super tough. Nomex and Kevlar they spared no expense in build materials. It’s worth every penny, you get what you pay for. Custom made you don’t get any better than that.

  11. Chris P (verified owner)

    The corset I ordered arrived quickly and looks great. I went shooting for the first time and it seems to work well, with the exception that it discolored on the bottom where the stitching is. Now, parts of the cover look like a brown/copper color and frankly do not look that good.

  12. Joel H (verified owner)

    Great construction, prompt delivery and exactly to specs! Great stuff Cole tac

  13. George N (verified owner)

    Received my corset and placed on my can, looks great and is very cool looking. Still waiting to get to range and send a few down range and see how I’m able to grab and swap out to different rifles.

  14. B W Burgess (verified owner)

    Made in America Done Right!

    Cole-Tac is now my go-to for firearm accessories. The delivery, quality, and personal touch of the stitcher’s signature on the tag demonstrates a pride in providing an exceptional product. After receipt of the corset suppressor cover, I went through the web site and only appreciated the business more. Cole-Tac is a true American business with an evidently amazing team of people behind it.

  15. OL ROC Engineering (verified owner)

    Extremely high quality, as usual. Always makes a happy customer.

  16. Nate G (verified owner)

    I’m not a person who does reviews, but the quality,warranty,reliability,customer service, and craftsmanship warrants recognition. I am a lifetime customer and recommend the products to friends and family. Thank you and until my next project. 🇺🇸✌

  17. Richard (verified owner)

    Best damn cover. I own 3 of these now.
    Lighter, better built and I havent yet burned one up. And I have tried!

  18. RonT (verified owner)

    This cover fits my suppressor perfectly. Well made and the materials are high quality. It snugs down well on the suppressor and I haven’t had the cover creeping or slipping off. Overall, a great product.

  19. ronster192 (verified owner)

    Purchased a Corset cover after doing a lot of research. Based on the previous Cole-Tac products I have purchased and use. The Corset was no exception. The cover fits my suppressor, does not slip and no problems with mirage. I purchased the cover prior to receiving my suppressor so I’ve only been able to use it for a little over a month. Performance has been flawless. I am impressed with the quality of materials and workmanship. Another outstanding product from Cole-Tac.

  20. Scott Whiteman (verified owner)

    Cole -Tac what a brilliant company. My suppressor cover was absolutely perfect. The technician that fabricated it Savanna apologies for incorrect spelling , attention to detail and quality of craftsmanship superb. I am an Australian citizen and the ease of ordering and timeline of supply was outstanding. What an excellent all round experience cannot speak more highly of this company .

  21. john talbot (verified owner)

    I haven’t had a chance to shoot it in echo mode yet, so I can’t verify its ability to withstand rapid fire quiet yet. The cover though, is made of quality materials & looks & fits my AAC M4-2000 suppressor perfectly. I did have to purchase a 1″-barrel extension to get it out far enough away from my Special Ops Tactical Javelin rail. The Corset cover isn’t super thick, but my tolerances were tight enough that it wouldn’t pull back all the way. A 1″-barrel extension did the trick & now it fits proper & looks fantastic. I’m not sure how the microfiber material is going to handle rapid fire, but I’m sure it can handle what I’ll be doing with it. I have a custom suppressed SBR with an echo 2 trigger which I don’t plan on dumping more than 1 or two mags at a time, which should handle no problem. All in all, I’m very satisfied with its quality. The look is also very easy on the eyes & the string I was able to loop through the front spikes and ran them through a plastic cord lock.

  22. Jose (verified owner)

    Really good cover for the $$$! I love that it can withstand long strings of fire at high temps and it’s LIGHTWEIGHT adding only about 1 oz to my yHm turbo k!! Just wish these would come in different colors !

  23. George N (verified owner)

    My 2nd corset on a shorter can, I love dressing up my suppressors so they look sexy. If you’re on the fence about going that extra $$ the fit and finish of these covers are top notch.

  24. Sam Hummel (verified owner)

    After hours of tireless research, this mirage cover appeared in every forum I’ve searched.
    It has held up to all the abuse I have put it through and it has saved my hands on numerous occasions. This product is worth its weight in gold and the fit was EXACTLY RIGHT for my Surefire RC2 762

  25. Kyle Kujala-Korpela (verified owner)

    I ordered the HTP cover and some issues arose with the combination of can, barrel length, and ammo. I called Cole-Tac to see how I would go about getting this repaired and they said I could upgrade to this cover by just paying the difference in cost.

    I gladly did this and it’s working without an issue. I would highly recommend this and if I end up getting any additional covers, I’ll go straight to this type. Thanks!

  26. Heri Hernández (verified owner)

    Ordered the corset cover for my suppressor. Overall I’m extremely happy with it I would however change one thing, I would have liked to have it come with paracord that I could cut and burn the ends of the cord, the cord that comes with the corset cover is frayed, I am going to eventually change it out with paracord to fix that issue…. That is my only critique. Other then that the quality is great. It fit perfectly and looks great.

  27. Idan (verified owner)

    This thing is awesome! Went for the tan color and it looks incredible. Works as advertised as far as keeping your leg from getting burned. Cole-Tac top notch quality per usual.

  28. BrianK (verified owner)

    Excellent cover! I took it to the range yesterday with the express purpose of getting the can hot enough for it to self clean and to test the cover and a 60 round Surefire mag’. I didn’t put a stop watch to it, but I fired 40 rounds at a steel torso at 100 yards. It was aimed rapid fire and things got quite toasty. After the test the cover was quite warm, and the can was much hotter. The cover worked fine. Very happy with it. So happy that I did my research and bought it rather than wasting $ on less expensive covers but covers that might not have worked.

    Oh, the 60 round Surefire mag? It worked fine also.

    It takes time for the cover to ship, so expect that. I didn’t give enough time to have it on hand for an outlaw Action Rifle match, but now I’ll have it for future matches. I’m very happy with the purchase and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. If there was anything wrong with it I’d let you know but I have no criticisms and I’m not the easiest person to please. This is a good piece of gear.

  29. BrianK (verified owner)

    Whoops! Let me add that it’s a corset cover.

  30. K L (verified owner)

    AMAZING!!! At a loss for words just how great and awesome this corset cover is for my can. Thousands of rounds downrange and no worries of getting burnt by accidental contact with said can.

  31. Brandon (verified owner)

    Outstanding product and custom fit cover fits perfectly!!!

  32. vivalv59 (verified owner)

    Ordered 2 of the Corset Covers, both black. The 8 x 1.375 was for the TiON Dragoon (mainly 5.56mm / 300blk), and the 6.25 x 1.48 for the SilencerCo Omega 45 (mainly 9mm, 40S&W, 45ACP). The sizing worked out great, and appear to be burn proof. I’m glad I went with Cole-TAC, they may be a little pricier than others, however these do hold up.

  33. Jason (verified owner)

    Recieved my custom size Corset cover today. The fit and finish were excellent. I have several higher priced covers from other companies, and this Cole-Tac Corset cover is on par with the most expensive, and better than others when it comes to craftsmanship and fit. I ran about 2 mags thru it with no issues at all. Please tell Emily she did an awesome job making my suppressor cover.

  34. Jason M. (verified owner)

    I just received my cover and it seems very well made. It fits on the surpressor nice. I doubt there will be any issues. I definitely recommend this cover. It is a lot thinner then I thought it would be which is nice.

  35. Johnny (verified owner)

    A great cover, I have three for three different cans and they all it fit perfectly.

  36. Kevin Rowlison (verified owner)

    Product is great at what it supposed to do. This review is more for the warranty and the customer service/support. I had need to use the warranty, these things happen. What is is unreal and 100% No Bullsh%* is this – Product ordered Oct 2020, warranty issued happened several months back (3 or 4). Sent message to Cole tac and had my resonse in the form of a new order for the corset cover in maybe 60-70 MINUTES…. not a day or a week…. Thats unheard of these days. When they say no BS warranty, they stand behind it.

  37. David (verified owner)

    Phenomenal piece of kit! I ordered it for the full nine inches of the suppressor, in hind sight I should of spec’d it a quarter inch shorter to allow some room to handle the suppressor body or attachment point. The materials are of top notch (and probably “bleeding edge”); needlework and tailoring, fit and finish are superb as you would expect from an textile of this quality. An excellent premium is their American manufacture. The only thought I am having now is where to neatly sequester the bow and loose lace after securing the cover. Any suggestions would be appreciated :}

  38. Jon (verified owner)

    Not sure how it works . I got it as a gift for someone else. I’ll have him write a review when he uses it

  39. Steve Koch (verified owner)

    The corset cole-tac suppressor cover is professional quality and does exactly what it states it was designed to do. The quality of the materials is top-notch. The design allows for a very tight connection to the suppressor which eliminates walking issues with rapid fire. Mirage has completely disappeared from my firing evolutions which allows me to have a clear view down range. In addition, no more burning things accidentally. Yeah for that! This is definitely a professional set up and I will be purchasing more for the rest of my suppressors.

  40. JAM (verified owner)

    I can only speak to the quality of this product as I have yet to run it, but it seems to be of high quality, very easy to use and arrived faster than quoted.

  41. Mike Spight (verified owner)

    Arrived quickly, outstanding craftsmanship. Now I just need to get on the range to try it out on my SBR!

  42. Jason Roush (verified owner)

    The fit was perfect. It’s very well made. It is by far the best cover I have had. Will purchase more.

  43. Howard L (verified owner)

    This is my 3rd Suppressor cover from Cole-Tac, fit is amazing, light as a feather, quality excellent. Thank you, Cole-Tac, for your excellent Made in South Dakota products!!

  44. Aidanowski (verified owner)

    Top quality and design all around. Custom sizing is frosting on the cake.

  45. Tyler (verified owner)

    Ordered this cover to prevent suppressor mirage, protect my leg from burns when slinging rifle, ability to check DT suppressor is not unthreading under heavy fire schedule, and some camouflage for my suppressor. This cover does it all! I will buy another corset for my next can. After running drills emptying two 30rd mags. I can still bare hand check to see if my DT suppressor is tight. Highly recommend this cover!

  46. Greg (verified owner)

    Excellent Warranty and product will buy again

  47. Sean (verified owner)

    Looks great. Fits great. Extremely satisfied.

  48. Rivera (verified owner)

    Looks good, fits right and customer service was excellent. I accidentally ordered the wrong corset and it was a no hassle return/fix. Will buy all my future covers from here!

  49. Jason (verified owner)

    Customer Service is excellent. The product fitment is excellent. It sinched very well. I took it out on my last training session and just doing basic bill drills and other drills that had 2 or 3 shot strings it was smoking really well. I figured it was just new and was part of the break-in period. I got home and I wanted to take my suppressor off to clean the rifle and the inside of the cover just fell apart and now I don’t have a useable cover. I have a HuxWrx 5.56 for reference.

  50. Douglas R (verified owner)

    Just received mine in FDE. The quality is amazing, which is usual when ordering anything from Cole-tac. I’ll update my review as I put it through some different courses of fire and my next hunt.

  51. John (verified owner)

    Got this for my 300 Blackout SBR. My Dead Air Nomad 30 was getting too warm during shooting drills. I ordered it and was told to expect a shipping time up to 2 weeks. It shipped the next day! Unfortunately the shipper screwed up and it got delayed 2 days. Fired up the Cole-TAC video on how to install and it was done in short time. At the range after 30 plus rounds the cover was very warm, but way cooler than the can was. Construction seems good, time will tell.

  52. Patrick (verified owner)

    I looked at most all the top rated suppressor covers on the market and after receiving my Corset from Cole-Tac, I know I made the right choice. Low profile, amazing fit, great looking and excellent quality of construction.

    If you want the best suppressor cover out there, this is it.

  53. Martin Clark (verified owner)

    Beautiful and functional addition to my new found suppressor hobby. I showed it to a friend who actually got me into suppressors. He immediately said “I gotta have one”. I have absolutely no complaints what so ever.

  54. Erik (verified owner)

    So far, so good. About 1k rounds rapid fire 7.62×39 supressed over 3-4 outings and the wrap is doing its job. Takes some time to synch it down good. Only thing that could make this better is a better way to secure it and faster. Great product.

  55. Russ G (verified owner)

    I now have several. The corset covers do exactly what they are supposed to. Help with both mirage and heat while making the suppressors safe to touch / remove. Biggest selling point to me was the weight. Each of mine are around 1.5 oz (+ / -). This is much lighter than others. I ordered each of mine narrower than recommended. They do not overlap; just cinch up edge to edge. Which is perfect in my opinion. And still get the expected heat protection. All of mine are on Hux Flow’s. 556k and 762ti.

  56. Scott (verified owner)

    As many have said, the corset cover is well made, looks great and ships fast for a custom sized product. Which brings me to the only odd thing, it is requested that I enter the length and diameter but after entering that data the website mentions that their database has sizes for multiple suppressors. When the cover arrived the package mentioned the standard size for my brands suppressor and the size I ordered which differed by quite a bit. I was worried but the length is appropriate and the diameter allowed me to cinch the cover down tight. Anyway I’m looking forward to taking it to the range and running some heat thru it.

  57. James (verified owner)

    Great cover. Fit is perfect

  58. KP (verified owner)

    Thought that the outer fabric would be thicker like canvas but it’s super thin like a shirt. Overall it seems nice but but I thought the whole thing would be thicker. I am a total fan of American companies so I would buy again!

  59. Mark Ros (verified owner)

    Great design and even better quality! Fast shipping, perfect fit and does exactly what you need it to do. Don’t hesitate to place a order.

  60. Tom Burke

    Cole-tac corset suppressor cover! Fantastic. Works awesome, fits excellent, looks cool & definitely mitigates mirage. Liked it so much I bought 2!! 😃Thanks Cole-Tac!! Keep up the awesome work!!

  61. Josh (verified owner)

    4 scars / left knee….through combat pants. This painful reoccurrence has ended. I ran two 45 round infiltration simulations and never even felt heat through this cover. The end shots were at 200 yards and I must be honest I expected mirage and was shocked that there was very little off of my suppressor. I plan to test again on next Wednesday as we’re schedule for night courses and I want to see what the heat signature is under thermal. I’m no expert but this cover is flawless so far. I’ll be ordering a few more to cover all my service suppressors.

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