Trap Bag

Trap Bag


When you need that steady shot, you need to reach for your Cole-TAC Trap Bag. This versatile Trap rifle support bag is the newest from Cole-TAC and can allow you to take that long shot when you need it.

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When you need that steady shot, you need to reach for your Cole-TAC Trap Bag. This versatile Trap rifle support bag is the newest from Cole-TAC and can allow you to take that long shot when you need it. Whether you need to rest on a barricade or use it as a rear bag, it forms over the object to make a flat smooth surface. The Trap Bag gets its name from the trapezoid shape it has when laying flat on the one side. The possibilities are endless as to how the Trap Bag can be used over different objects and surfaces. The best feature is how it is able to fold over objects and still provide a surface to balance your rifle. With a non-slip fabric top surface and wide Velcro strap, your rifle and bag will be secure.

The Trap now has the option to have the Backbone Bag System straps sewn in.  To learn more about the system click here (link). Select this option and the four straps that attach to the Backbone.  These straps do not interfere with the normal operation of the Trap Bag when not in use. This option removes the large strap that goes over the scope and the non-slip material.  These are no longer needed with the Backbone system.

Made with 1000D Cordura in all of our popular colors and patterns. The Trap rifle support bag is filled with plastic beads that do not absorb moisture or rot. As with all of our other gear, this is made here in the USA by a company who stands behind their gear no matter what.

Dimensions: 12” x 7” x 3”

Weight: 3.75 lbs

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Additional information

Base Color

Black, Black MultiCam, Coyote Brown, MultiCam, Ranger Green

7 reviews for Trap Bag

  1. Greg (verified owner)

    Ok, I’ve used this guy in about 5 matches now, so I have some reference. What it works well on: barricades, rooftop crests, unstable barricades, ropes, Ladders, stuff too low or wonky for a bipod. What it’s not great with: tank traps, as a rear bag. What I think can be improved: instead of having two separate straps, have one with a hook and a loop section, with a loop on the opposite side so it can be threaded through and cinched.

    Overall I like this thing. Best part about it is that you can attach it to your rifle. Especially true when on a stage that requires a task between shooting or positions. I’m moving faster than the guys that have to pick up and move their game changer every time. Not to say that I’m shooting a higher score…… just less hassle.

  2. keith.northcutt (verified owner)

    This bag is the real deal, just looking at it you can tell that it is made from quality materials and put together well. Used it in in a NRL22 match this past weekend and it definitely made the different shooting positions a lot more stable. I used it on everything from a tank trap to a 55 gallon barrel and the bag did exactly what it was made to do, making me get a stable shooting positions to make the tough shots. I would recommend this to anyone that enjoys shooting. Can’t wait to try more Cole-Tac products.

  3. Ed Lavado (verified owner)

    Quality is top notch, it is heavy which is perfect for unsteady barricades

  4. Mike Butler (verified owner)

    This bag saved my bacon at a recent class. Was down at Rifles Only for their Precision Rifles I & II. First day, I was using small bags that I brought…then this showed up since the Cole-Tac team were kind enough to send it to me there! After struggling to be consistent on barricades on day 1, this made many of those problems disappear! Straps allowed me to move it around easy, despite weight. A real life saver! Thanks Cole-Tac crew!

  5. Johnny (verified owner)

    Awesome little bag super light without compromising stability. Great quality !

  6. Taylor (verified owner)

    This bag works great. Used it last week in a NRL22 match and it was useful on cinder blocks, tires, and even tank traps. Color is true to photos too.

  7. Chris Ajinga (verified owner)

    Great bag. On the lighter side compared to a game changer. In mynopinikn would be even better with a pound of heavy fill to go with it.

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