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HTP Suppressor Cover

HTP Suppressor Cover

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The newest cover from Cole-TAC, the High Temperature Python (HTP) Suppressor Cover. We had several customers asking for a cover that they could use and let loose on. The outer shell is the popular Metal Python Suppressor Cover with the BOA and the inner tube is rated to 3000°F. This cover will not slip or shift around on your can.

The only suppressor cover that you can design. With our unique BOA straps, your cover will always stay in place while shooting. Don’t get burned again.

Weight: 5.4 oz

When shooting at long ranges, every little detail becomes critical. The further out you go, the more those details can make or break your shot. Ensuring you have a clear sight picture can be one of the most important. If you cannot see your target, you cannot shoot it. As you begin to shoot, your suppressor gathers a lot of heat. This heat begins to rise off of the suppressor and creates a mirage. This mirage can obstruct your view making it almost impossible to see the target.  Our HTP Suppressor Cover is made to mitigate that mirage coming off of the suppressor.

Another great use is on rapid fire guns and you transition from rifle to pistol. If you have done it enough, you probably have a scar on your leg where the can fell. Don’t let it burn you again. Cover that can up.

Only from Cole-TAC can you get the leading suppressor cover retention system. Using our unique BOA locking straps, you cover is secured to your suppressor ensuring it stays in place while shooting. Other covers out there loosen up over time and begin to slide off. When you are on target, the last thing you need is to look up at your cover. We have done extensive testing and found that the BOA system keeps the cover in place round after round. Other great benefits of the BOA straps include allowing for stretching over time, and being able to use it on similarly sized suppressors.

We also know that the environments can differ requiring different concealment. This is why we allow you to build the color scheme you need. You can personalize all aspects of the cover to suit your needs. Only Cole-TAC allows you to pick every color all of the way down to the buckles.

Our covers are made from only the highest quality materials. The base layer is flash rated to 3000°F and the middle material is rated to 1800°F. The outer shell is a durable 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon that is water resistant and stands up against fading, abrasion, rot, and mildew. We even chose a high quality fire resistant thread to ensure every aspect of the cover can stand up to the toughest environments.


Please be sure to give the suppressor brand, model, length, and diameter. Do not use the dimensions that are given on the suppressor’s website. We have found that these are not always accurate. We will make the cover slightly shorter than the actual length due to stretching. This will prevent the end of the cover from getting hit with the muzzle blast and fraying.

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Weight .5 lbs

65 reviews for HTP Suppressor Cover

  1. Gary Larson

    Flawless on multiple suppressors. I’ve switched this cover on a few different suppressors. Used it on an AR10 and bolt gun both with awesome results. Felt it after a 10-RD stage and was like “Oh that suppressor must not have got heated up.” So I slid off the cover and touched the can. Surprise [email protected]!! Yeah that cover really absorbed a ton of heat. #lessonlearned I know these are not “full auto” rated but I have yet to see anyone have issues with them under normal shooting matches and Competition use. I’m sure they will work perfectly fine unless you are trying to make your suppressor glow like an orange popsicle, aside from that stupidity these things will handle anything I can imagine doing in a practical application.

  2. Michael King

    *HTP Suppressor Cover* October-December 2018

    Our SWAT Team recently purchased 2 Armalite Super SASS which were outfitted with the AMTAC Mantis-P Suppressor. I contacted Dustin about some issues we were having with the heat and mirage coming off the suppressor. I sent him the specs on the dimensions of the suppressor and had it in had within about a week. He did an outstanding job for us on this cover. The craftsmanship and durability was top notch. I have over 1000 rounds through this rifle now with the cover he built attached to it and the cover is still in excellent condition. I’ve shot slow fire drills, all the way up to long strings of fire where the suppressor heats up considerably and this cover has performed beyond my expectations to mitigate any issues we were having with mirage. It has an excellent low profile design. It stays in place and does exactly what they say it will do. Outstanding job. Thanks again.

  3. Rusty Walther (verified owner)

    I’ve got three of these, one for each can that I own. Simply put, these are the BEST dang suppressor covers on the market today. The fit perfectly, never budge once on the can, and stay touchable even in the roughest use. I went through three other manufacturers before stumbling across this brand, and none of my other covers looked, fit, or functioned at half the level these do. The inner heat shield is brilliant, hugs the suppressor, and provides a no-slip base for the rest of the cover. Great accessories are a welding glove, and a small (12″x12″) welding blanket, so that once you’re done heating this up, you can take off the inner heat shield, and let the can cool down. Bottom line, I’m thrilled with this product and believe it is the best suppressor cover on the market today.

  4. Rex Ribelin (verified owner)

    I love Cole-Tac suppressor covers. I’ve tried them all, and these are the best I’ve used to date. No slip. Tight fit. Work exactly as they are advertised. Quality is top notch.

  5. Ty Strawn (verified owner)

    I love these suppressor covers. The fit perfect no slipping. Work phenomenal no more burnt fingers! Any one looking for a cover these are the best
    Thank you Cole-Tac for such a great product.

  6. Travis Mead (verified owner)

    When purchasing online you never know what you’re going to get but I can say that I am completely happy with the product. Excellent workmanship and exactly as advertised.

  7. Vann Chounramany (verified owner)

    Great heat protection and high quality material. Customer service is very responsive. This product is not rated for automatic fire with an SBR. I went through 3 mags in under 5 minutes with a 5.56 on a 10 inch barrel and it melted the outer shell. Cole-Tac replaced it with no questions. I’m ordering a second cover for my second suppressor.

  8. Robert Brown (verified owner)

    Superior mfg, fit and function! AND looks great!!

  9. Frankie Riggio (verified owner)

    great product for your silencer! Works as designed. Keeps heat image down. Allows the operator to remove silencer as needed.
    Very pleased with product

  10. Art Garland (verified owner)

    Needed this badly. And this is a very high quality made product. No more heat sigs.

  11. Glenn A Price

    Excellent product and craftsmanship (were not in Commiefornia right).

    Every detail is impressive, Brooke placed her hand written name on the card to claim the product as being assembled by her, so I give five stars to Brooke. Hats off to Cole-Tac team. I will be coming back for more, HOOAH.

  12. Glenn A Price

    Do not know how it lost a star this is a 10 Star product.

  13. Steve (verified owner)

    Absolutely the best suppressor cover made! I have several and both Cole-Tac covers are the best quality and outperform the others for mirage control and staying put on the can. Both are on Innovative Arms and DD Wave cans.

  14. Craig (verified owner)

    Super well made cover that looks excellent, even better than the pictures. Great company with great customer service. I’ll definitely be getting more from them.

  15. Brian (verified owner)

    Works like a charm. Tough and high quality. No more burns or melted equipment.

  16. Malcolm Campbell Jr (verified owner)

    Love it. Best I have used!

  17. Stephen Long (verified owner)

    Fit and finish are spot on! Costumer service is top notch.
    No need for cloves to remove a hot can! No sight interference at distance!
    Thanks for this very good product!

  18. blac cowboy (verified owner)

    I love it just needs to get it to stop moving around…HTP Suppressor Cover on Liberty Centurion

  19. Thomas McCluney (verified owner)

    Wow! Great fit and finish. Wonderful American craftsmanship. Mine was sewn by Brooke and it’s a work of art. You won’t be disappointed.

  20. Scott LaPointe (verified owner)

    Superior products made by a superior company. Couldn’t be happier with my suppressor wrap. Dustin and his team are easy to deal with and the literally go the extra mile to get you your order. 5,000 miles to be exact. Thanks Dustin!

  21. Tyler Smith (verified owner)

    Great product and helped me out in deciding what setup to go with. Top notch company! Ty got me my htp cover quicker than I expected. Will be ordering more here shortly

  22. Tom (verified owner)

    Wanted a cover for my Lane 458 can and did not know the size.
    One email to Cole-Tac and they suggested a size for my can.
    When the cover arrived it fit perfectly.
    Have not fired it yet but I have no doubt that it will perform well.

  23. Glen Havens (verified owner)

    I love the quality and fit of my HTP Suppressor Cover. Even my wife was impressed with the craftsmanship. Awesome customer service… I made a mistake on my suppressor measurement, contacted customer service and Ty got it corrected with no problems. Very pleased with Cole-tac and this product.

  24. Dan (verified owner)

    Quality product, well worth the money. Love that I could custom chose everything down to the buckle and strap cover. Beautiful quality stitching, just feels like a high end product vs some other cheaper covers. Works great to keep mirage in check when sight picture needs to be clear. You will not be disappointed with this product. Also own the Vulcan pouch which is high quality and worth every penny

  25. Michael Dobson (verified owner)

    I bounced back and forth between a few different companies and I absolutely made the right decision by buying a custom htp cover from cole-tac! Custom fit just the way you want it instead of some generic (fits good enough) size. Thanks cole-tac and a thanks to Brooke who actually made my cover!

  26. jon cole (verified owner)

    Fit and finish is amazing great customer service

  27. Russell Riedel (verified owner)

    Perfect fit. After a 20 round fast fire stage at the local range I was able to grab the suppressor without getting burned. Very pleased with the Cole-TAC HTP cover, and it looks good hanging on my M-21 DMR.

  28. Steve (verified owner)

    The attention to detail is second to none on these covers. You can’t make a better cover. Mirage is gone, and no more burned anything. Cole-Tac is the best at what they do and I am glad I found them.

  29. Robb (verified owner)

    Great Product !! Workmanship is seconded to none and the ability to pick and choose the colors of the cover, strap and buckles is a nice touch. The ability to personalize the cover is nice. Fit on my suppressor is tight and keeps the overall profile small. I would recommend Cole-Tac to anyone need in a suppressor cover. I will be looking at more of their products.

  30. Allen Strange (verified owner)

    First time using a suppressor didn’t know if needed a cover or not, until watching their review and talking about the waves in your scope from the heat off the suppressor. After heating up the suppressor and seeing the blurry in the scope decided to order a cover. Origingally ordered the HTP cover and pouch to hang on my bag. In receiving the items, the cover was snug, but the pouch wouldn’t hold the suppressor with the cover on. Talked with them and if wanted to fit that would have to order a custom pouch. For now returned the pouch with no problems. The cover worked out excellent, the waves were gone leaving my scope clear. An excellent experience in dealing with Cole Tac, would highly recommend them and their products.

  31. Justin (verified owner)

    Top notch suppressor covers, I probably have 8 of these and I love them all, I won’t buy any other cover other than Cole-Tac’s. Fit and finish, attention to detail, quality and customer service is outstanding

  32. Justin (verified owner)

    I must have 8 of these covers and I love them all, I won’t buy any other cover other than Cole-Tac’s. Fit and finish, attention to detail, quality and customer service are all outstanding!

  33. Ryan (verified owner)

    Awesome cover. Works great to keep the mirage of the Suppressor down. Super high quality fit and finish. Couldn’t ask for more. Personally I prefer this design over the cord styles.

  34. Eugene (verified owner)

    Overall — not bad. But…two issues. Inner sleeve is moving on my Omega 300. Another issue is that the suppressor is covered in tinny glass particles from inner sleeve (you can see glass mesh is leaking) and now I’m covered two and the whole body is itching!

    • Dustin Coleman (verified owner)

      Thank you for contacting us. We are going to look into this for you and determine what is the best way forward to take care of you. This normally does not happen and we will make sure you are taken care of.

  35. Herb (verified owner)

    Works really good to eliminate the mirage caused by heat from the suppressor. I have a SilencerCo Omega on my Bergara HMR chambered in .308 win. The problem I’ve had was that the cover would slide forward on the smooth finish on the suppressor. I returned the cover to have a stricta cord installed. That solved the problem, the cover stays put, right where it should be. I would definitely recommend spending the extra few bucks and order your cover with a stricta cord already attached. Awesome product.

  36. Matthew Stugart (verified owner)

    Put this on my Defcan 5.56 that I’m running on 14.5″ AR-15 upper and it looks and runs great! Quality materials used and worth every penny.

  37. Terry Miles (verified owner)

    By far the best suppressor cover and heat protection money can buy…I have tried 2 other manufactures and either the size was way off, or it didn’t hold up. This came to me in exactly the sizes I ordered , the exact colors I needed and the quality is outstanding! I don’t leave reviews on everything I buy but I was so happy about finally getting a quality cover that Cole Tac deserved it..No need to worry about what you are getting. Worth every penny!

  38. Gregory stevenson (verified owner)

    I have really enjoyed using this cover!! Mirage is gone, and I’m able to shoot bursts! 1 minor downside was that I picked the black multi cam and didn’t realize it had greens in it. It looked black and grey to me on the website. So While the performance is there I don’t like how it looks…..

  39. Nathan Waters (verified owner)

    Great product. Quality material made specifically for the measurements requested. The mirage mitigation is as stated and works very well. I will buy this product again!!!

  40. Timothy Younce (verified owner)

    Outstanding! The fit is absolutely perfect and the quality is top notch! If you are looking for a suppressor cover look no further! The metal buckles will ensure no heat related issues and the stitching is extremely durable. No more mirage effect! Other covers do not even hold a candle to the performance and quality that these have. Definitely worth the money! Thanks Cole-TAC!!!

  41. Hunter Gehring (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing. Not only does it look amazing, it fits perfectly and works perfectly.

  42. audi0481 (verified owner)

    Outstanding product. Very well made, heavy duty. Will be order more products in the near future.

  43. Christopher Baer (verified owner)

    Awesome product, very impressed with the craftsmanship. Haven’t tried it on the range yet but seems very durable.

  44. Chad Meyer (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing! Top notch product. I have several covers and soon they will all be switched to Cole-Tac!

  45. Garrett Newsom (verified owner)

    Quality work. Showed up in 2 weeks as described. Feels durable.

  46. B K Smith (verified owner)

    Very nice suppressor cover ,well built , fits like a glove and looks great. I highly recommend this cover. You will not be disappointed.

  47. Joe Buccini (verified owner)

    Outstanding suppressor cover, well made, all the materials are top notch and fit my Surfire Socom II perfectly. No more mirage affect even after several mag dumps out of both an AR and SCAR 17. This cover far exceeds any other similar manufacturers product I have tried. Would highly recommend any of Cole-Tac’s products!

  48. Joe Buccini (verified owner)

    Outstanding suppressor cover, well made, all the materials and workmanship are top notch and fit my Gemtec GM45 perfectly. No more mirage affect even after several mag dumps out of my 9mm and .45 handguns. This cover far exceeds any other similar manufacturers product I have tried. Would highly recommend any of Cole-Tac’s products!

  49. Mathew T (verified owner)

    Awesome quality and attention to detail. Product came exactly as order. Sizing was perfect. Stitching is excellent- Great job Linda! Couldn’t be happier with my purchase. The attention to detail is so great, heck even the packing tape on the shipping box was creased and applied perfectly. AWESOME!!!

  50. BkSmith (verified owner)

    Its durable , looks great, and does exactly what it’s supposed to do. After 30 rounds the cover was just as cool as if unfired. This is a great quality product,I will buy more.

  51. Keith O. (verified owner)

    Excellent quality fit perfectly no more burns love it

  52. Koy (verified owner)

    I have probably #10 of these suppressor covers. I have zero complaints. They have always arrived quickly and have always been perfect to the dimensions I have given. Cannot say enough good things about this company.

  53. Carlson Reese (verified owner)

    Awesome product, superior craftsmanship, looks great and helps with the heat mirage. I use a lot of Cole-Tac equipment in my shooting and I recommend them highly to everyone who ask.

  54. James Folgedalen (verified owner)

    Great product, Cole-tac is excellent to work with and very customer service oriented! Will continue to support this business!

  55. Brad (verified owner)

    Great company and great suppressor cover! The quality and protection are phenomenal. The cover fits my suppressor perfectly without any overhang and looks amazing. It only took 1 burn without a cover to realize I needed one and I’m glad I chose the HTP. Will definitely use Cole-Tac from now on.

  56. Brian Burk (verified owner)

    Hate the “wave”. Did some research and this was the one to get. Ordered the HTP for my can. Works to perfection, going to order another. Have let other people know, they are impressed with quality and workmanship, Cole-tac rocks!
    Take care and be safe.

  57. Robert Breeden (verified owner)

    Awesome quality, fits perfectly. Adds great protection from burns and looks awesome as well.
    Great service and order process, no complaints at all.


  58. AL (verified owner)

    I ordered this for a Form 1 build. The HTP cover arrived much quicker than I anticipated, given that it is completely custom sized. The fit is absolutely perfect. It is easy to see that it is a high quality product. Hats off to Erin on some excellent craftsmanship!!
    I have not put any rounds down range with the cover on yet. However, given the reviews of those who have extensively tested their covers, I am confident that the cover will hold up with no problem firing 20-30 rapid rounds at a group of feral hogs. And that’s what I need so I stop burning my legs in the dark.
    Extra bonus points for being able to pick out colors for the different components. I appreciate having the ability to customize my cover for a unique look. I will definitely choose another HTP for my next build.

  59. JHunt (verified owner)

    Great quality, fits perfectly to the length of silencer. Looks good on the gun and great protection from burns. Great service and arrived on time. No complaints at all. Very well made and impressed with the craftsmanship.

  60. Michael Morris (verified owner)

    This is a outstanding cover for my PTP suppressor, if I ever get a another suppressor this will be my go to cover.

  61. Gabriel Herald (verified owner)

    I use and sell only Cole-Tac made silencer covers. They are very effective and well made. I use them myself and I ONLY sell Cole-Tac to my customers. Top tier materials and excellent Craftsmanship make for excellent products. Ammo novels are a product you MUST try. Buy American and buy the best: Cole-Tac. Period.

  62. Jack (verified owner)

    ***disclaimer*** This review will be rather incomplete as I haven’t had a chance to get out, and shoot, yet. So, my opinion is subject to change.

    Overall, my initial assesment of the quality, and craftsmanship is positive. I was worried at first that the straps were a little short, but after I got the cover on, lo and behold, they were actually perfect in length. Everything looked just as it did on the website which I found very impressive. My only real criticism was that there were no instructions for putting the cover on. I wasn’t sure if the slip on was required, or just an insert for packing. I’d maybe recommend some kind of instructions. Maybe a business card with a QR code linked to a youtube video. Just a thought. It was easy enough to find instructions online.

  63. Carson (verified owner)

    Perfect put it on a surefire can.

  64. Jeff in Texas (verified owner)

    Great cover – faster than anticipated shipping and the options are really cool. They made me a cover for my Griffin Optimus and it fits like a glove. No more mirage and pretty safe to the touch. Thanks, definitely worth the money.

  65. Will W. (verified owner)

    I echo the many accolades from the previous reviews. My Cole-Tac HTP is on an OSS HX-QD Magnum Ti. The cover stays secure to the can and performs like a top tier piece of kit should. The purchase from Cole-Tac is a no-Brainer.

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