Cheat Sheet Spare Card 3-Pack


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The Cheat Sheet from Cole-TAC is the perfect way to keep your data in view when needed. This product is for a three-pack of spare cards to keep multiple cards with different data. For the entire Cheat Sheet, please go here

Additional information

Weight 0.058 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 0.25 in


5 reviews for Cheat Sheet Spare Card 3-Pack

  1. Will Brown (verified owner)

    They work great…
    I used them on 22lr, 5.56, and 6.5…
    25 yr to 1200 yr…

  2. José Seijo (verified owner)

    I will use it in PRS competitions.
    Very good product.

  3. Scott Bowen (verified owner)

    I shoot NRL22 and I like these much better than the other options. Our club shoots 7 stations, so I bought two of these extra packs so I can fill out the DOPE ahead of time for each station. Used them for the first time today and they work great.

  4. Ryan Steacy (verified owner)

    Perfect on my 22 and my centerfire gun. Much faster than looking down at my wrist coach which I use solely for wind calls.

  5. Thomas Wallace (verified owner)

    Great quality. I have several of these. They come in handy at big matches with 10 plus stages. Fill out a card for every stage in advance and take a little stress off of yourself during competition. Dry erase can wipe off so I like to tape them and use a sharpie

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