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The Cole-TAC Vulcan Suppressor Pouch is designed to store and transport your suppressor safely. This is not your ordinary suppressor pouch.  It is lined with the same proprietary fire-resistant material that is rated to 1800°F found in our suppressor covers.  The outer shell is the tough and durable 1000D Cordura nylon.  No longer will you have to wait at the range for your suppressor to cool.  Now you can slide the Vulcan Suppressor Pouch over your hot can, remove it, and close the pouch without worrying about melting your gear.  It is also suppressor cover compatible, meaning you can keep your cover on and still use the pouch.  This pouch, along with all of our other gear, is made right here in the USA.

Long: Up to 9” in length and 1.625” in diameter
Short: Up to 6.5” in length and 1.625 in diameter

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Additional information

Weight 0.349 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 2 in
Base Color

Black, Black MultiCam, Coyote Brown, MultiCam


Long, Short

22 reviews for Vulcan Suppressor Pouch

  1. Robert Sigillito (verified owner)

    This is my third Vulcan pouch. I will not go to the field or range without my a Cole-Tac pouch. Yes, a big benefit is being able to unmount a hot “can”, but I prize them as much for the overall protection they provide. Face it NFA owners pay a lot for their gear, not to mention endure long waits to get it. Why transport your suppressor in some cheap $30 second rate pouch that offers none of the security that he Vulcan offers?

  2. Dan (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this pouch. Great craftsmanship. Quality not some thin cheap ouch. Quick shipping. Will definitely be back for more now to order a HTP cover

  3. Terrance Johnson (verified owner)

    Started off with the high temp suppressor cover and was very pleased by the quality and fit. Thought it would be nice to have something to carry and protect the covered can to/from “practice”….the pouch does not disappoint ! I was especially happy that I can leave the cover on the can and it still fits inside the pouch……
    Will certainly get another cover and pouch for my next can when it comes out of NFA Stamp Jail

  4. Rolando moreno (verified owner)

    Hey Terrance mine didn’t fit with the suppressor cover in it I wonder if it’s just a flaw when they sewed mine together I’m going to call Cole Tac see if they can redo mine otherwise it’s an awesome looking and crafted pouch

  5. Vin (verified owner)

    This Vulcan pouch is an awesome product. Stitching and material looks and feels of high quality. I also would like to thank Cole-Tac for the fast shipping!

  6. Michael Lambert (verified owner)

    Thoroughly impressed. First of all the shipping was prompt, even during our current times. The stitching and materials were of quality, really feels like you get what you paid for. I was beyond impressed the first time I took it to the range. It was a great not having to wait around for your supressor to cool down. Just put it in the pouch and pack up. Worth. Every. Penny.

  7. Patrick (verified owner)

    Love these pouches. I love leaving on my suppressor cover and putting both my suppressor with the cover on it in the pouch. Unfortunately I found out that the wider suppressors won’t (45cal 9mm 308 etc…) work this way. Bought several other pouches before I thought about asking Cole-Tac to increase the size of my last one (the diameter by 1inch). Talk about awesome. They increased the size as I asked and it fits great!
    Thank You Cole-Tac. I recommend that if you want to keep your suppressor on your can and place everything in one place (your Vulcan pouch) you ask for the pouch diameter to be increased. Wish I asked earlier….

  8. David Garcia (verified owner)

    Just got my pouch and I have a rugged serge 7.62 that is 9 inches and asked to see if they would over size it to fit with the htp suppressor cover and they made it to fit. Will definitely be ordering from them again and referring friends great products.

    Thank you well worth it!!

  9. Matt Balch (verified owner)

    Great pouch, top quality. Only complaint is that there aren’t any size options. I’d definitely buy again but I don’t like the ‘one size fits all’ pouch.

  10. Michael Gregory (verified owner)

    Top notch quality. Fits perfect!

  11. Jerome Fourmann (verified owner)

    Consistent quality and superb stitching as always – I purchased two for various cans including SilencerCo 36M. Main benefit is being able to unmount and transport a hot can.

  12. Mark (verified owner)

    I have searched and looked at the other website for a suppressor pouch and the vulcan would be the best pouch for a rifle can for these reasons
    1- Uses same material as their covers so you can throw a hot can into. Few other pouches can do that.
    2- Custom sizing means you can ask to have it made larger by 1″ dia to fit a 1.625″ can + a cover. Mine slides right in, its perfect
    3- It is a good value when you consider the first two points

  13. sailonsail (verified owner)

    Top USA Made quality product. You can just tell by the materials and the way it’s manufactured that it’s top-notch. Can’t go wrong in anyway purchasing from this company. Would definitely purchase again. Thanks so much Cole Tac

  14. Steve Noble (verified owner)

    Way better than other pouches! Started looking around at lesser costly pouches until I found the Cole-Tac. It didn’t take long to decide to go for quality! Love the fact that you can drop a hot can into this pouch and not worry about it!

  15. William (verified owner)

    Excellent Pouch!
    It may be pricey to some, but the quality of the materials and stitching backs it up! It may be hard to tell by pictures, but once you get it in your hands, you will see.
    It’s also a nice touch that each product comes with a card signed by the person that made it component. It shows they care about what they do.
    I would definitely buy more products from them!

  16. Sven (verified owner)

    Really great product! I bought a suppressor cover at the same time, which made the suppressor larger then Vulcan Pouch. No problem though! I just left a comment when checking out and Cole-Tac figured out all the measurements to take in account their cover and everything fit perfectly. Pouch holds a hot suppressor great.

  17. Brian L

    Excellent made pouch. I just got my 2nd and couldn’t be more pleased. If you have a suppressor, you need one of these.

  18. juupee69 (verified owner)

    Super hot Wolfman, in it went for an hour ride home. No issues what so ever.
    The pouch is nice, very spacious and it does do double duty. Hot hand and pouch.
    I just wish it had a molle double loop to add a tool an accessory pouch. That would be sweet.
    So, 5 stars for what it is with room to be a bit more.
    Fast shipping too.

  19. Tim (verified owner)

    Excellent quality pouch that fits my covered suppressor perfectly.

  20. Steven (verified owner)

    Well made however the lining is not good for hot suppressors without covers, wasn’t too clear in description.

  21. Eric (verified owner)

    Made very well, however I’m disappointed with the fit. The short is supposed to
    fit up to 6,5 inch my Chimera is measured at 6.08 and the Vulcan doesn’t close properly. I even said what suppressor it was being made for in the notes. Frustrating!

  22. Eric (verified owner)

    Great construction, great fitment. I love that I can put a hot suppreasor in it and not worry.

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