Cheat Sheet V2


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The Cheat Sheet from Cole-TAC offers the perfect way to keep your important data in clear view. By mounting the Cheat Sheet directly to your scope, you can easily see your DOPE without having to break your position. This simple but effective design works on all optics and can be positioned on either side of the scope.

We design and manufacture our Cheat Sheet in the U.S.A. and offer it with our unbeatable lifetime warranty. Get your Cole-TAC Cheat Sheet today, and you can rest easy knowing where to dial at all times.

Additional spare cards can be found here.


Additional information

Weight 0.058 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 0.5 in
Base Color

Black, Black MultiCam, Coyote Brown, MultiCam, Ranger Green

64 reviews for Cheat Sheet V2

  1. Erich (verified owner)

    The Cheat Sheet is well made and is a great, simple design which is quick and easy to install and remove. Nice work Cole-TAC.

  2. Timothy nichol (verified owner)

    When I roll up to range I have two agendas:
    1. To shoot obviously
    2. To flex on nerds.
    Cole-tac has upped my flexin game tremendously. Buy the stuff people, you won’t be sorry. All the cool guys will ask where you get such things then you’ll make new shooting friends. Easy and simple $25=new dope card=new buds. Pretty cheap if you ask me. These friends might have friends/ wives that might pay your bail after a night of shenanigans (my wife will let me sit there). So really you can’t afford not to buy it. It’s insurance!

    I used to tape dope my rifle on a index card or write it on the back of my hand. This is mich handier and you don’t have to worry about your shoddily painted stock loosing a section of color. Service as always is top notch!!! One of the best company’s I’ve felt with. I saw on insta they got a new sewing machine, so I guess the social media guy didn’t get a raise, that’s disappointing. Hope he/she doesn’t start slackin.

  3. Zev (verified owner)

    Great product, well made! For me ideal placement angled down to the 7:30 position, and folds over fine when my rifle goes in my pack. I also like I can move it from rifle to rifle without the need for a velcro pad stuck to the stock. Thx Dustin!

  4. Chad Thimmesch (verified owner)

    Very simple and effective. Even catching it on a barricade does not affect it. It give multiple mounting options.

  5. Greg C (verified owner)

    This is the one I kept looking for. Way better than the giant twistie toe/binder clip/index card method – it stays where you put it, doesn’t roll around the scope tube, doesn’t work loose, and the card is easy to update with dry erase pens. Don’t even get me started on the “fancy” solutions that need space to attach to the pic rail and have multi-jointed arms going this way and that…impressive but frustrating to deal with.
    I’d buy some spare cards to pre-fill various stages, if they became available…hint hint.

  6. Jeremy E (verified owner)

    I’ve looked at every solution. Bought everything from e-dope to self made laminated cards. This is both simple and perfect. No worries about hitting it on barricades it just flops over and flops back. I use the painters tape method and I couldn’t be happier

  7. j_fran68 (verified owner)

    Awesome product!!! And so simple, I had to buy one for every scope

    Don’t just buy one!!!

  8. Mike (verified owner)

    Works great being able to move to either side of the scope. Easy on/off. Stays put and is just as handy as hell. Wish mine favored the forward slant from 90° instead of naturally going to 75° away from me. But some training time may fix that. Still readable and super easy to stow and deploy.

  9. Jeff Scheider (verified owner)

    This is a perfect example of keep it simple! Super easy to install and flexible so is great shooting in and out of barricades and won’t snap off like some others. I’d highly recommend!

  10. Dan Richardson (verified owner)

    Simple, and effective. This is why I shop with Cole-Tac. All the time!

  11. Logan (verified owner)

    This does exactly what I need it to! Its flexible enough to go on any size scope tube I’ll use. When something is easy to mount, easy to use, and quality made it’s tough to go wrong. I look forward to wearing it out!

  12. max_effective (verified owner)

    I’ve got a couple other “rigid” mounted data card holders, but this one takes the cake. When installed (super fast/modular BTW), it is rigid and holds my data right where I need it. And being that is is soft-mounted, I don’t have to worry about it getting hit on a barricade or snagged on gear and ripping off and/or damaging my rifle/chassis/optic – whatever my rigid mounts used to be connected to. Great product and great design as always!

  13. Garrett Newsom (verified owner)

    All the other options out there require space on the rail above the action or some extra clamp on the scope or a fancy ring mount system. This guy just goes over and cinches down. I have 3, one for each rifle. It’s 25 bucks… Hopefully, by far, the cheapest item on your rifle. Just buy it.

  14. Jack L (verified owner)

    Super simple but effective solution for rapid data reference. I made my own for years with twist-ties and Velcro, and this is a simpler and more refined option. My only warning to buyers is that the tab comes from Cole-ATAC with the “hook” side on the tab, and the “loop” side on the card.

  15. Ryan B (verified owner)

    Awesome little piece of kit! It’s super small and compact, attaches very easily to a rifle, can bend and position any way you want, and is much easier to use on the clock than an arm board. And, you can buy credit card blanks and velcro for additional cards.

    I ran a 3×5 armboard for data all day, and wrote down stage data on the cheat sheet at a recent match. It worked better than I could have hoped.

    I’ll be buying one per rifle and just leave it attached with out a card when in storage.

  16. Daniell (verified owner)

    So incredibly simple yet effective. Very well built like all of Coletac’s other products.

  17. Frederick Maier (verified owner)

    Great compact dope holder. Folds flat for transportation and only takes a second to remove. I have one on each of my rifles

  18. Ryan (verified owner)

    Haven’t got to shoot a match yet since I got it. But it seems like it’s gonna be perfect. I’ve used the same board before on a arm band and has no complaints with the board. Just wanted to put it on the scope. Now I just can’t wait till my next match.

  19. Matt (verified owner)

    This is literally a perfect example of keeping it simple, yet effective. You will not be disappointed and is worth it’s weight in gold.

  20. Andy Jones (verified owner)

    after swapping scopes and switching to a spuhr mount my previous dope card holder just didnt work for me any more this one works well requiring less clearance than my previous method ill definatly be ordering another in the future

  21. ARM (verified owner)

    Great piece of gear. Got 2 with a cert off a prize table, so THANK YOU ColeTac for donating and supporting our local rimfire and centerfire leagues–it is much appreciated! I use this dope card holder on my NRL22 rifle and it can get knocked around better than my Hawk Hill aluminum piece. These make a timed shooter better. I’m gifting one to a buddy to help him enjoy this sport more–it’s a cheap, well made, perfect design to keep track of your stage data. I recommend just a grease pen and wiping it off after each stage.

  22. Darrell (verified owner)

    nice little product which so far works great
    First time I ever purchased from the company but I liked the service and flat rate shipping

  23. John Evans (verified owner)

    Great simple product! Put the green one on my brand new Umarex AirSaber Arrow Rifle. Works perfectly!
    Ordered 2, one black, one green, black to go on my .338 Lapua Sniper Rifle

  24. Chris Ajinga (verified owner)

    Great piece of gear. Def better than writing it on your hand or a piece of masking tape on yourcarm. Dry erase card makes it easy to change dope forceach stage.

  25. Alex Roy (verified owner)

    Simple and effective piece of gear. Would highly suggest it for anyone who is involved in PRS/NRL type shooting.

  26. Kyle Sweet (verified owner)

    Can’t imagine not having these cards. So easy to use and you can stay on the gun and have complete easy access to your dope, it’s like cheating. Love these!

  27. Christopher Maniquiz (verified owner)

    I love this thing, probably the most practical and yet budget friendly DOPE card holder I’ve had. I don’t have to worry about breaking it or taking it off between stages. It can bend, especially in small shooting holes.

  28. Richard Gerjets (verified owner)

    Giving NRL22 a shot and these is handy for keeping stage notes/dope where you can find them. Well made and timely service.

  29. John Welsh (verified owner)

    This is the bees knees! Works awesome and it is universal. Used it last weekend to win my first NRL22 match

  30. tortuga

    I got one in my new member packet from NRL22. Works great and is simple. Doesn’t get in the way when moving around barricades and puts stage data right in your face to avoid that “buzzer amnesia”. I bought a bunch of blank ID cards and sticker velcro so I have enough cards to pre-load even the largest match.

  31. Rob

    Great product, very high quality And super practical, durable and doesn’t get in the way or break…A+

  32. lesdunn56

    I am a PRS shooter and recently ordered the Cheat Sheet. First and foremost the product is great. It is exactly what I wanted for matches for ready access to make notes, hold the stage description for me to review and make notes on. My order arrived quickly as I wanted it for a match to use. Last is what really impressed me- on a copy of my order was a hand written than you and the person who stitched it had also signed a card. Personal touch like that along with quality products gets returned customers. I will order again. Thank you.

  33. Phil Fiacco (verified owner)

    Some times the simplest approach is the best. This product is perfect, it is effective and quick to update and maintain, storing the gun with it on is no issue. Only wished I would have thought of it.

  34. Darrell (verified owner)

    Haven’t shot a match since I got it. But it’s gonna be perfect. I’ve used an arm band and didn’t care for it. It will be nice having it in eyesite. Now I just can’t wait till my next match.

  35. Cody (verified owner)

    Great handy solution to fit any setup! 5 Stars.

  36. Doug (verified owner)

    Simple is always best, and the cheet sheet is an incredibly clever design. Made from quality material and the craftsmanship is awesome! Cole-tac is solid!

  37. Alex P. (verified owner)

    Quality product that fulfilled the requirements of intended use. Super compact, very easy to work with. Highly recommend.

  38. Douglas Brown (verified owner)

    This is THE solution for a dope card mounted on your rifle. It’s worth the 24 bucks, better than any other solution I have seen and well made. You won’t be disappointed and it’s made in the US.

  39. Paul Peppelman (verified owner)

    I wish I had one years ago. The Cheat Sheet is great

  40. David McNeil (verified owner)

    Great item. It’s one of those items you want to buy for all of the rifles you own. So order up gals and guys. Don’t be shy. And the shipping is incredibly fast.

  41. Alex (verified owner)

    Works perfectly and super simple! Love it.

  42. Alex (verified owner)

    Love it. Works perfectly and super simple.

  43. Nicky (verified owner)


  44. Will (verified owner)

    Simple, can be positioned perfectly. Love it!

  45. Craig (verified owner)

    Simple, cheap, with great form factor. I wanted to move away from the high school quarterback look while rockin the Bighorn on faraway steel. Thank you Cole Tac.

  46. Doug Mages (verified owner)

    I haven’t been to a PRS match with it yet however it’s attachment is so simple it is very easy to place it on either side of your optics or even move it from one rifle to another. And when placing it a gun case it folds easily for storage

  47. Zachary Levitt (verified owner)

    SUper simple design. Seems stable. Easy to use. I like how it comes off and on with ease, no screws, folds out of the way. I like it and am looking forward to my first match to put it in action.

  48. Matt Murphy

    Fantastic product! Easy and simple to use! excellent to carry a spare in the bag at matches for others or incase you forget somethinf

  49. Kenny (verified owner)

    Worked perfectly. Easy on and off. Worked great at the last match and easy quick and easy to switch between rifles.

  50. Rick Glessman (verified owner)

    I used wide blue painters tape and it works as advertised.

  51. Joe Joe (verified owner)

    Super fast and simple design. Fits my Mk5 perfectly. No need to spend money on other Dope card holders…. spend the savings on hookers and blow!

  52. David (verified owner)

    This is a great well made cheat sheet. Easy to use and put on your rifle. I use it on all my PRS rifles when I shoot competitions. Everything I have received from Cole-Tac is so well made.

  53. Allen C. (verified owner)

    I have tried other data card holders, now I have three Cheat Sheets and the others are in the drawer. Super simple design, can’t snag and break, doesn’t use rail space, excellent.

  54. Carlos (verified owner)

    This little dope card holder is amazing. I bought two of them. One for each rifle. Sure it’s easy to take off but just having one on each was just more convenient. Works great and I got some extra cards with Velcro on them.

  55. Alex (verified owner)

    Simple low tech option that just works better than all of the alternatives I have tired. Home run!

  56. Cole

    Most economical option on the market besides writing on your hand and it is easy to put on your scope and take off. Thanks Cole-Tac for another great product

  57. Aaron (verified owner)

    Great company with great people at the helm. Cole-Tac customer service is top notch, and it’s truly hard to find work ethic and quality people in the industry that a). arent trying to rip you off or b). just plain lazy and produce junk. More businesses need to follow this companies lead.

    I’ve been using Cole-Tac gear for years. It’s simple, priced well, and always backed by honest-hard working people. The Cheat Sheet is a great tool. Simple and durable. Version 1 was a little better than version 2 due to the chord being a bit longer and not internally sewn to the cordura fabric, (easier to adjust yet still sturdy) but they are both still top notch. I see a lot of people at the ranges across the country with the high dollar data card holders and they always ask if I have problems with mine breaking or bending or wearing out…I simply say “nope”! My cheat sheet data card holder just flexes and springs back no matter what gun case I throw it in. Set it and forget it…it’s that simple. Oh and it’s got a lifetime warranty, something that those high dollar card holders don’t all have… Keep up the great work Cole-Tac!

  58. Dakotah Courtney (verified owner)

    Best option I have found. Way better than using an arm board. If you buy extra Cheat Sheets, it’s also faster switch information between rifles. You can’t wrong with this if you’re looking for a way to keep important data close by.

  59. Austin (verified owner)

    This is by far the best solution for keeping information at hand on a stage. So simple. So reliable. So affordable. What’s not to love? I have the original version too and the V2 is a very nice improvement. The new version holds the card perpendicular to the scope much more reliably. Can’t imagine a better solution that isn’t having a HUD right in the scope.

  60. Aleksandras Lobaciovas (verified owner)

    Great product

  61. Thomas Wallace (verified owner)

    Light weight and durable. Puts your data cards right where they need to be. Super easy to install and remove.

  62. Daniel Lasater (verified owner)

    Great product. Love how easy it is to put on my scope. I also love the fact the card comes right of sonic can erase and add new dope for the next stage very quickly. Great product bought one for myself and my daughter. They also made sure I had them by match day very quick shipping. Great customer service A++++

  63. Dave H

    I don’t know why everyone doesn’t have a couple of these!
    So simple to use and takes up no space!!!!
    I write on masking tape and slap it on…easy peasy!
    At $25 you gotta have one!
    Thanks Cole TAC crew!

  64. Jeff Holliday (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this cheat sheet. It is everything I hoped it would be. Great for dope notes and / or course of fire notes.

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