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The Baby Python Suppressor Cover is the only suppressor cover that you can design.  With our unique BOA straps, your cover will always stay in place while shooting.  Don’t get burned again.

Weight: 1.1 oz

This cover is for suppressors under 6″ in length.  If you need a cover for a suppressor over 6″, please see our PYTHON COVER.

When shooting at long ranges, every little detail becomes critical. The further out you go, the more those details can make or break your shot. Ensuring you have a clear sight picture can be one of the most important. If you cannot see your target, you cannot shoot it. As you begin to shoot, your suppressor gathers a lot of heat. This heat begins to rise off of the suppressor and creates a mirage. This mirage can obstruct your view making it almost impossible to see the target. Our Python Suppressor Cover is made to mitigate that mirage coming off of the suppressor.

Only from Cole-TAC can you get the leading suppressor cover retention system. Using our unique BOA locking straps, you cover is secured to your suppressor ensuring it stays in place while shooting. Other covers out there loosen up over time and begin to slide off. When you are on target, the last thing you need is to look up at your cover. We have done extensive testing and found that the BOA system keeps the cover in place round after round. Other great benefits of the BOA straps include allowing for stretching over time, and being able to use it on similarly sized suppressors.

We also know that the environments can differ requiring different concealment. This is why we allow you to build the color scheme you need. You can personalize all aspects of the cover to suit your needs. Only Cole-TAC allows you to pick every color all of the way down to the buckles.

Our covers are made from only the highest quality materials. The inside material is rated to 1800°F. The outer shell is a durable 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon that is water resistant and stands up against fading, abrasion, rot, and mildew. We even chose a high quality fire resistant thread to ensure every aspect of the cover can stand up to the toughest environments.


Please be sure to give the suppressor brand, model, length, and diameter. Do not use the dimensions that are given on the suppressor’s website. We have found that these are not always accurate. We will make the cover slightly shorter than the actual length due to stretching. This will prevent the end of the cover from getting hit with the muzzle blast and fraying.

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Weight .25 lbs

11 reviews for Baby Python SUPPRESSOR COVER

  1. Russell Walther (verified owner)

    Just got this … bought it because of the great fit and quality of other suppressors from C-T that I’ve used for a while. Fit is perfect for my SC Sparrow-22 and finish is the kind of quality I’ve come to expect from these guys. Great value.

  2. joel pharr (verified owner)

    5 stars! Works as advertised, and simply looks badass on my ti-rant 45 attached to my ak-v9 !! Thanks guys! Will definitely be ordering another!!

  3. Steven (verified owner)

    Took about two weeks to receive and appears very well made and durable. Fits snug so I don’t anticipate any shift when I take it out. Very reasonably priced; compared to other brands that don’t seem to be made to the standard that these are.

  4. Luke B (verified owner)

    They did a great job. The dimensions were perfect and the build quality was too. I’d order from them again.

  5. Kris L (verified owner)

    Great products and fantastic service!

  6. Michael Highbaugh (verified owner)

    Well made, Perfect fit, plus it just looks good. Just reorder the Python Cover for use with a Blast Shield.

  7. Joe (verified owner)

    Very happy with it so far. Definitely helped eliminate heat mirage, and made it way easier to switch hosts for my can, even after a string of fire.

  8. Sovida Tran (verified owner)

    Suppressor: TBAC Ultra 5 (6.5mm)
    Cartridge: 6.5 Creedmoor
    Love the customization that is provided. Cuts Mirage and saves pant legs/leg hair. No significant shift while running it through match stages, even without the stricta cord. Also love the “wrap and strap” design. I’ve used other suppressor covers in the past and one of the issues with them is the effort to put them on, shimmying it onto the suppressor, bungies, or set screws.

  9. Ron (verified owner)

    Received my custom Baby Python Suppressor Cover. The workmenship and material are excellent. I will be purchasing more covers for the rest of my Suppressor Collection.

  10. Brad (verified owner)

    I bought this suppressor cover for my .22 suppressor and the quality and protection are phenomenal. The cover fits my suppressor perfectly without any overhang and looks amazing. Will definitely use Cole-Tac from now on.

  11. Jon cole – Liberty Percision rimfire (verified owner)

    Dustin is a awesome guy!! Great company always there for you. I almost own about everything he makes and happy will all of and love my new 22 cover thanks Cole-tac!

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