Python Suppressor Cover

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Disclaimer: We do NOT recommend the Pyhton cover for the following usage for any 5.56/.223 SBR’s, mag dumps or any kind of rapid shooting. These styles of shooting will damage the Python cover. We highly recommend the Corset.  


(25 customer reviews)

The Python Suppressor Cover is the only suppressor cover that you can design.  With our unique BOA straps, your cover will always stay in place while shooting.  Don’t get burned again.

This is our lightest suppressor cover for those of you who know that ounces make pounds.

Weight: 1.9 oz

This cover is for suppressors over 6″ in length.  If you need a cover for a suppressor under 6″, please see our BABY PYTHON COVER.

When shooting at long ranges, every little detail becomes critical. The further out you go, the more those details can make or break your shot. Ensuring you have a clear sight picture can be one of the most important. If you cannot see your target, you cannot shoot it. As you begin to shoot, your suppressor gathers a lot of heat. This heat begins to rise off of the suppressor and creates a mirage. This mirage can obstruct your view making it almost impossible to see the target. Our Python Suppressor Cover is made to mitigate that mirage coming off of the suppressor.

Only from Cole-TAC can you get the leading suppressor cover retention system. Using our unique BOA locking straps, you cover is secured to your suppressor ensuring it stays in place while shooting. Other covers out there loosen up over time and begin to slide off. When you are on target, the last thing you need is to look up at your cover. We have done extensive testing and found that the BOA system keeps the cover in place round after round. Other great benefits of the BOA straps include allowing for stretching over time, and being able to use it on similarly sized suppressors.

We also know that the environments can differ requiring different concealment. This is why we allow you to build the color scheme you need. You can personalize all aspects of the cover to suit your needs. Only Cole-TAC allows you to pick every color all of the way down to the buckles.

Our covers are made from only the highest quality materials. The inside material is rated to 1800°F. The outer shell is a durable 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon that is water resistant and stands up against fading, abrasion, rot, and mildew. We even chose a high quality fire resistant thread to ensure every aspect of the cover can stand up to the toughest environments.

Additional information

Weight 0.1855 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 2.5 × 1 in

25 reviews for Python Suppressor Cover

  1. Steve Hansen (verified owner)

    I bought this cover to stop the suppressor mirage and to protect the suppressor from the bump and ding. The reason that I did this suppressor cover was I liked the way it looked and was simple. I mostly shoot .300 Winchester Magnum and get hot very quickly to start the mirage off the suppressor. I have not yet tried the cover on the .300 Winchester Magnum but the fit on the suppressor is outstanding. I bought it with the Stricta Cord just to insure on recoil I did not lose or shoot the cover. I will report back but so far I am very happy with my choice of covers.

  2. Ross Lamm

    I have had this product since December 2017 in the Kryptek pattern. I got it to protect my investment as well as cover up my shiny suppressor. I also was noticing some heat waves coming off of my can through my scope which this product has help reduce and eliminate. This product seems well designed, I am really impressed with it so far.

  3. ralph.loitfelder (verified owner)

    Ordered the Python cover on-line. The process was easy. I received the cover even faster then the lead time. The product is well made, was easy to install, and is reducing the mirage. I am very pleased and will recommend this product and company. Thank you!

  4. Nate Jurgens (verified owner)

    Their custom creator that lets you see what your cover looks like before you buy is fantastic. I have a very specific camo pattern that I’ve sprayed my rifle in that fits my area of the world for the hunting I do. This allowed me to match my color and pattern structure extremely well and make sure I wasn’t disappointed when it showed up. This sits on a Sig Sauer SRD762QD and fits it like a glove. I am incredibly pleased by the overall construction and craftsmanship (great job TY). My kids now want suppressor covers for their play rifles as well to be like dad. I’ll gladly be giving you more of my business as my collection grows.

  5. Jim Malone (verified owner)

    All materials were high quality and construction was excellent. Be sure to measure twice before submitting.

  6. Tim Thomas (verified owner)

    I happen to be in the market for a suppressor cover, and saw a video by KIt Badger, who showed the process of making one of their covers… It was nice to see first hand how they are made, and a very wide selection of parts that are easily selected by the consumer to tailor it to your own personal preferences… Looks like this will be the best option for shooting my .300 Blackout to avoid mirage and preventing burning from a warm suppressor…!

  7. Terry Morrow (verified owner)

    I’m very happy I found this cover on you tube, high quality ,looks great,and my cover has four straps,it’s never moved, well worth the price..

  8. mick schaal (verified owner)

    Very very happy with purchase.Manufactured very well,materials are great,very fast turn around. The cover works exactly as advertised and looks like it will last a lifetime.

  9. M (verified owner)

    Look folks- this is who you use if you want great gear. They are flexible and knowledgeable. Their website is easy to use and their employees are awesome. The more info you give them, the better the product will turn out.

  10. Robert Evans (verified owner)

    Awesome can cover even on my odd dim can.

  11. John Weber (verified owner)

    Perfect cover well made and excellent fit. Definitely recommend.

  12. Dan Gagnon (verified owner)

    This is my second custom suppressor cover from Cole-Tac. They are without a doubt the finest and best constructed that is available and the price is right.

  13. Daniel Miller (verified owner)

    Great quality… great looking! Very happy with purchase!

  14. Matthew DeLisle (verified owner)

    Exactly as described and it fits perfectly on my Form 1. Feels well made with quality materials and it’s made in the USA. Great job, I’ll be back for more👍🏼

  15. Albert hodge (verified owner)

    The product is outstanding, great build quality. The shipping on the other hand was terrible. I hope you save a lot of money using USPS. Eight days to get to me. It’s sat four days in Massachusetts. Barring that I will definitely buy another. Or two.

  16. Tommy Breaux (verified owner)

    Got it, installed it, and ran it. Fits tight and doesn’t slip. I have it mounted on a 270W that has a little kick. It didn’t budge and the reduction in heat waves was noticeable compared to running the suppressor un covered. This is the second one that I have bought from Cole-Tac. I have had the first one for over two years and used it hard. It is still holding up well with no fraying of the edges. These are high quality products.

  17. scott santry (verified owner)

    well made, stays in place with just the buckles. definately helps with the mirage i was getting on my .308

  18. Aziz shomar (verified owner)

    Great product and great service of the team cole tac i highly recomend them .

  19. Alexander Ray (verified owner)

    Good handmade quality, not my first cole-tac so I know what to expect. I messed around and ordered the wrong size. once I spoke to customer service, I was sent a return shipping label and they fixed me right up free of charge.

  20. Jeff (verified owner)

    I used the websites cover finder to get one that fit my model. It was easy to use and the product fit perfectly. I liked how you can customize all the details and components. Very happy and I will order again in the future.

  21. Larry B (verified owner)

    Great cover for my DA Nomad. I run it on my bolt gun and have had no heat transfer through it. Well made and would buy again, recommended to everyone needing a quality made suppressor cover.

  22. lateperry (verified owner)

    Awesome product! Mine is in use almost everyday, hard use and lots of ammo ran through it.
    I wore the first one out and emailed them to ask what to do. They wanted pictures of it and then sent me a new one.
    Beat that for customer service. Have recommended them to several people since. Not the last product i will purchase from Cole-Tac.
    Thank you!

  23. takeem25 (verified owner)

    my 5th coletac cover. great fit and finish. like being able to choose every detail

  24. Chad Blanchard

    Product works great for protecting from heat and mitigating mirage through scope. The heat shield has exposed fiber glass which can come off and blow around. Some of the fiber glass made in to my mouth.

  25. Max (verified owner)

    Perfect anti-mirage cover for my bolt gun can. Not insanely thick and exactly the size I ordered for my Barrett AM338 silencer. For being a custom size it shipped way faster than I had anticipated. My hat is off to you guys at Cole-Tac.

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