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Cole-TAC developed the Waxed Flat Bag with our Backbone Bag System in mind. The bag’s thin profile allows you to use this product in a variety of shooting situations. From smaller openings to larger posts or barricades, this little guy provides major support. The flat front surface also allows you to push and load up on your rifle.

Like all of Cole-TAC’s incredible products, we construct our Waxed Flat Bag with the toughest materials and hardware available. Based on numerous requests from our loyal customers, we now offer the Flat Bag in waxed canvas, an outstanding material that is soft yet durable. In addition, the polymer fill prevents water absorption and decay. 

Cole-TAC’s Waxed Flat Bag is made in the U.S.A. and features our unbeatable lifetime warranty. Purchase your Waxed Flat Bag today and flatten your competition.

Additional information

Weight 0.805 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 2 in
Base Color

Waxed Grey, Waxed Green, Waxed Coyote Brown

43 reviews for Waxed Flat Bag

  1. Brian (verified owner)

    Love it, works great for my needs!! Have a couple items from Cole-tac and they are all great products!!

  2. Edward Fitzpatrick (verified owner)

    I’ve bought multiple bags from Cole Tac… outstanding customer service,the bags are top notch for PRS and prone matches!! American made products that have the person’s name signed on the tag after stitching them.Im proud to use them when I shoot!!!

  3. Jeff Torevell (verified owner)

    Used this bag to attach to from arca plate for my nrl22 rifle, works great on ladder & other stages.

  4. JEREMY STANDKE (verified owner)

    Perfect size to work with the arca plates. Be nice to see a sand fill or end user fill replacement or add or remove fill.

    I tossed it i the dryer for a few minutes with a load of laundry (no heat) to take some of the stiffness out of it.. and waxed if needed

  5. Dan S (verified owner)

    I saw this bag and the Backbone mount on another club members rifle and new I had to have one. The first time I used it was during a 2 gun match and I wasn’t disappointed. Shooting over obstacles and barricades this platform was so stable. Unlike my previous bag that strapped over the handguard and it would move. This system is stable and solid. It is pretty heavy but even that was a plus. The weight doesn’t matter to me being it’s resting on a barricade. The good thing was it really tamed the recoil and follow up shots were fast as I wasn’t loosing the target. This system is awesome.

  6. Jeremy (verified owner)

    Picked up a second bag when I let a squad mate borrow it for a stage and he just had to have it lol

  7. Chris Kelley (verified owner)

    Nice bag works great with the Backbone attachment

  8. Chris sites (verified owner)

    Very nice size and weight. Makes a nice platform. Quality is second to none

  9. Chris Kalies (verified owner)

    Outstanding product! This is my third purchase from Cole-tac, I keep coming back because they produce a quality product made in America by veterans that preforms as expected and beyond!!! They even produced a custom one off for me.
    Thanks Dustin

  10. Brian Witzeling (verified owner)

    This bag with the backbone set up is perfect for many prs applications iam hoping it helps my scores go up great price and shipping was great came in three days

  11. Gordon Hicks

    Purchased form a local dealer and am impressed with how stable this little guy makes the rifle, it is great for NRL 22 shooting off the Ladder, saw horse, and other things I haven’t tried yet. Attached to the backbone system it saves so much time as the bag is with you all of the time.

  12. Carl (verified owner)

    This bag with the backbone frame is awesome! not as big and heavy as other options but still big enough and stable enough to get the job done.

  13. Alex Altgilbers (verified owner)

    The waxed flat bag from Cole-TAC is perfect for maneuvering in those tight space where a Tricorn is too big. I first learned about Cole-Tac when I first started shooting Guardian matches and after getting my first rear bag from the, I have not used anybody else. Great products from a great company!

  14. Kent Kingston (verified owner)

    I purchased this bag and Backbone Frame from Cole-TAC specifically because of their sponsorship with the NRL22 league. I feel that if a company is going to support our 2nd Amendment and our sport, I will do what I can to support them. I must say I am very impressed! The construction of this bag far exceeds what was expected. Stitching is perfect, not a single flaw and the materials are top notch, I see this bag lasting many years of hard-core use. It fits the backbone frame like a glove. Straps are easily fastened away and not sticking out anywhere and the texture of the material is great. When moving on a ladder the bag grips firmly and the width gives excellent stability. My impacts have improved a ton over the other bag I was using. This bag alone will improve my scores, lower my times, and also protect my rifle. I like that it is not super heavy, just the right amount of fill to get the job done. I am thrilled with my purchase and will recommend it to anyone looking for a top-quality useable bag. The price is also very affordable. For a bag of this quality, I would expect to have paid double the price. Shipping was super fast and I got constant updates on tracking so I knew exactly when it was going to arrive. Thank you Cole-TAC for offering such an incredible product at a great price.

  15. Barry (verified owner)

    Exactly as described. Great price and fast shipping.

  16. brenst5 (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Well designed, well made, works great. The attachment straps for attaching the flat bag to Arca rail slider seem too long, but I may simply need to change the way I attached the bag.

  17. Jason Johnson (verified owner)

    Works great along with backbone frame for changing positions and on tight barricades!

  18. Brent Simpson (verified owner)

  19. Et (verified owner)

    Keeps the bottom from getting scratched, and with the backbone clips to the rail. Worked really well for balancing on ladders, barricade…. and my knee

  20. hstonebraker (verified owner)

    Purchased about two weeks ago, arrived middle of this past week, used it this weekend at a MDPRS event in MD. Great bag, perfect for the gamer plate that I made this past week. Used it on at least three stages, can’t say enough about the customer service and shipping fast so that I could have it in time for the event. Thank You Cole-Tac.

  21. Albert Borges (verified owner)

    Quality bag. Feels good & sturdy. Can tell it will hold up like all of their products & backed by lifetime warranty.

  22. Ryan Camino (verified owner)

    This is a great bag to attach to a grey ops style plate. Allows fast movement while using tripod rear. It’s also Velcro enclosure so if you want to swap beads for sand that’s not an issue. Great bag!

  23. Rory Sorongan (verified owner)

    Have recently purchased several products from Cole-TAC.
    Every purchase has been fantastic; product quality, service, postage times.
    5-Star review from me easily!
    Thank you

  24. Ron Jenkins (verified owner)

    Excellent bag. Fit and finish top notch. Love the ability to add or remove fill.

  25. Tom R (verified owner)

    Another great piece of gear. Works with the rail mount incredibly well. Nice solid platform that is also amazingly light.

  26. Ratman (verified owner)

    Like a few have mentioned, the mount and bag do add up to a little money, but the mount can be used for multiple bags. So decide that cost out. The mount and bag both are like all Cole-Tac parts. Top shelf stuff. Using it in competition tomorrow for the first time, but in training it has been great. It stays mounted to the gun at all times and I haven’t found a reason to take it off yet. No regrets.

  27. Denny Outdoors (verified owner)

    This is the perfect bag for tight spots and the backbone mount.

  28. Ken (verified owner)

    Bag is well made and works just as good!

  29. Caleb (verified owner)

    Nice and light, beautiful, i love it.

  30. Brady Rigdon (verified owner)

    Awesome bag. Perfect size to use with backbone frame. I like that it’s easy to change fill.

  31. Chrisharbison (verified owner)

    Perfect for the aluminum plate on top of my tripod for binoculars to rest on. gonna order another one for the backbone frame on my rifle

  32. Chris Harbison (verified owner)

    Perfect for the aluminum plate on top of my tripod for binoculars to rest on. gonna order another one for the backbone frame on my rifle

  33. fernandoquintana (verified owner)

    The waxed flat bag is awesome. The craftsmanship and quality are top notch. This bag has a velcro closure on one end that gives you access to the fill. Cole Tac only offers one fill wich is lightweight. I replaced the fill with very fine silica sand. It is definitely heavier than the standard fill but way more stable. Also the bag is super easy to strap on and off the backbone.

  34. M (verified owner)

    Super cheap and came in grey-black! I purchased with the back bone, easy to fill; half full of heavy sand seems just right for me so good. Was delivered internationally in a Jaw dropping 2 days. Amazing work.

  35. Hunter Goigh (verified owner)

    Perfect bag when the light fill is replaced with heavy sand fill. This is easily accomplished with this bad as it is easy to open up and work with. The build construction and size is better than like more expensive bags on the market. For $35 it’s a steal. I bought a 3D printed plate for it off the hide and they stay attached. 4 stars since I had to replace the light fill it came with. That’s the only thing coke tac could do to make this the perfect front bag.

  36. Chris Brown (verified owner)

    So far this bag has met and exceeded my expectations. It’s incredibly well priced, made incredibly well, and fits my rifle extremely well. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars was because I would have preferred to have had an option of different fills, such as heavy sand fill. I think this option would have made this perfection.

  37. Greg Norman (verified owner)

    It’s an awesome little bag. It is really light. I am using it on a 100-500 Zoom lens. I am using it the same way you use it with a rifle on barriers. It is an awesome bag. I am using it with an ARCA Backbone frame.

  38. Tony Barnes (verified owner)

    This bag is just the right size for things like the ladder barricade. I haven’t used with an arca mount just as a bag. I did use otter wax on mine when I got it. It seemed quite dry. You can’t beat it for the price.

  39. Phil Mandell (verified owner)

    This bag works great for what I needed. Perfect quality and shipped quick!

  40. Ricky Fowler (verified owner)

    Perfect bag

  41. Warren Saltz (verified owner)

    This is a compact and lightweight option for a high-quality shooting bag. But the unique and clever feature is that the bag has 4 sewn-in straps with the specific purpose of securing it to the rigid metal “Backbone Bag Frame” which can be mounted directly to a rifle or support equipment such as a tripod. Unfortunately, the straps on the “Flat Bag” I received were not properly sized … they’re too long. Specifically, the small Velcro patches are positioned too far out along the length of the straps … which renders the straps ineffective at their intended function of cinching the Bag securely onto the Backbone frame. They do, of course, prevent the Bag from falling off the Backbone frame, but it’s not at all secure … it just shifts around at the slightest touch. I mentioned this to COLE-TAC and they kindly offered to replace the bag, though I’ve chosen to implement my own solution. They also informed me that no other customers have reported this issue and that it was an isolated incident … but still perhaps something to inspect for upon receiving the product.

  42. Alex Iacoli (verified owner)

    Really like the setup, although the straps on the bag are too long to cinch down the bag to the backbone frame. This issue got worse when I took some fill out of the bag to allow it to conform better. Not sure how it works with other frames. It would be much better with a longer section of Velcro on the straps or shorter straps.

  43. Hubert Nowakowski (verified owner)

    Better than I fought! Great and VERY light bag compiling all expectations on support during shooting.

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