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We’ve all heard the expression “bigger is better.” However, we here at Cole-TAC like to say, “Giga is even greater!” That’s why we proudly developed our Cole-TAC Giga Bag—the ultimate support bag that will revolutionize long-range shooting competitions! Our engineers carefully designed this versatile bag to provide maximum stability and support for your rifle while also serving as a comfortable body pillow after those incredibly long hours of shooting.

At an impressive 50 inches in length, our Giga Bag is roomy enough to accommodate even the largest rifles, making our bag perfect for all shooting scenarios. Weighing a mere 70 pounds, our Giga Bag provides ultimate stability for any shooting position imaginable—from low-prone shots to standing shots. 

In addition, the Giga Bag’s extraordinarily soft fill provides the perfect cushioning and support for your rifle, offering maximum accuracy and precision to make those difficult shots. 

Crafted from high-quality American-made materials, our Giga Bag also features comfortable, heavy-duty, reinforced shoulder straps, allowing you to quickly and conveniently move our super-sized bag around your shooting terrain. What’s more, the durable 100D Cordura exterior means this bag will last forever!

Not only is our Giga Bag perfect for shooting competitions, it can also be used for tactical situations. You can rest easy knowing our giant bag will safely cover and conceal you from threatening enemy fire. 

But that’s not all—Cole-TAC’s Giga Bag also doubles as a comfortable body pillow for your tired bones. Simply place your rifle on the ground or the side of the Giga Bag, and you have a soft and supportive body pillow to rest those weary muscles during extended shooting hours. And if you’re single, you now have the perfect cuddling partner once you return home!

For those individuals with tired or weaker muscles, Cole-TAC also created the Giga Bag Cart (sold separately) to transport your bag easily. Whether you are a seasoned shooter, a tactical expert, or a novice hunter, our bag and its matching cart represent the perfect accessories for anyone who takes shooting sports seriously.

As an added bonus, we will include a free shipping pallet for direct delivery of the Giga Bag to our faithful Cole-TAC followers. 

Overall, the Giga Bag’s versatile design makes it the perfect accessory for outdoor enthusiasts who demand the best in both functionality and comfort.

Our loyal Cole-TAC customers demand and expect exceptional gear. We proudly design, cut, and sew all our incredible products, including the Giga Bag, in our cutting-edge United States facility. As always, we use only the finest American materials and back all our products with our unbeatable lifetime warranty. 

So why wait? Invest in a Cole-TAC Giga Bag today and take your shooting—and sleeping—to the greatest giga level!

Weight: 70 lbs.

Dimensions: 50” x 50” x 50”


Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Base Color

Burnt Orange, Coyote Brown, MultiCam, Ranger Green, Wolf Grey

3 reviews for Giga Bag

  1. Ron Terry

    Amazing bag! It is much bigger in real life that you think. I just throw it in my trailer behind my quad and haul it between stages. It’s great to chill in after a match. The only things it’s missing are a way to use it with the backbone bag frame and maybe drink holders and snack pockets.

  2. Jamie

    Is this available to ship without the filling? I think I can fill it with all the hot air from our POTUS.

  3. Kevin

    Doubles as a hay bale blind! Works great!

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