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GunsAmerica Digest | Factory to Table: Part — 4 Cole-Tac Suppressor Cover

by IVAN LOOMIS on JUNE 6, 2019 Welcome to the 4th part in the Factory to Table Series. In this I will pay a visit to Dustin with Cole-Tac. If you are unfamiliar with Cole-Tac, they have been involved in the gun industry for a number of years. They create all kinds of nylon goods, many revolving around the […]

Dane Miller Rifles | Cole-TAC: Shooting Bags

By: Dane Miller Rifles Date: November 22, 2018 Cole-Tac is located in the North Eastern US and has grown to become one of our favorite companies. They manufacture shooting gear and accessories here in the USA. Cole-Tac started with suppressor covers and quickly expanded. Currently they offer a wide range of products for shooting enthusiasts […]

The Firearm Blog – [NRA 2018] Cole-TAC Precision Shooting Accessories

by Joel W One product I would like to mention is the Cole-TAC cuddle bag.  It is a large “pillow” designed to be used by a rifle shooter anytime they need to mitigate movement in the upper torso while trying to take a steady aimed shot from a kneeling or otherwise unsupported position.  This kind of bag has […]

Tactical Gun Review: Cole-Tac HTP Suppressor Cover

When shooting suppressed, one of the best ways to take care of your suppressor is with a cover.  There are several on the market currently, and making a choice depends on what you are looking for in a suppressor cover.  For the last several months I have had the privilege of testing out the latest […]

Load Out Room: Suppressor Covers | Handle the Heat

If you’ve done any precision shooting through magnified optics, you’re probably aware of the effect mirage has on your visibility.  The shimmering heat waves reduce optical clarity and can be a big distraction.  This problem is compounded when shooting suppressed as the can is one big fire-trap.  In a similar fashion, if you’ve spent much […]