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Tactical Gun Review: Cole-Tac HTP Suppressor Cover

When shooting suppressed, one of the best ways to take care of your suppressor is with a cover.  There are several on the market currently, and making a choice depends on what you are looking for in a suppressor cover.  For the last several months I have had the privilege of testing out the latest from Cole-Tac, their High Temperature Python (HTP) suppressor cover, and I must say, it has not disappointed me in the least bit.

When the Coleman family started out, they listened to what the shooting community wanted in a suppressor cover and then built it according to the demand.  They have several covers in their line up that vary slightly depending what your needs are.  All these covers are of exceptional quality in both material and craftsmanship and will take care of most shooters’ needs, however, today we are going to focus on the High Temperature Python (HTP) suppressor cover.

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  1. I bought your htp cover for my mk18. Before I go full send on mag dumps with my fde sure fire suppressor, I want to ask.. Have you seen any testing at any temperature ranges where your cover melts or leaves residue/ discoloration on the suppressor? Suppressor is fde and I would like it to stay that way.

    1. Dustin Coleman

      We have seen the outer shells at times melt. This usually occurs on only short barrel 5.56’s with full send mag dumps. Even when this happens, we warranty the cover for life. The way how our covers are made, they will not leave a residue on the suppressor even if this happens. With regards to wanting to keep your suppressor FDE, we have seen suppressors change colors both with and without the cover on. The discoloration comes from the high heat and nothing from the cover.

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