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GunsAmerica Digest | Factory to Table: Part — 4 Cole-Tac Suppressor Cover

by IVAN LOOMIS on JUNE 6, 2019

Welcome to the 4th part in the Factory to Table Series. In this I will pay a visit to Dustin with Cole-Tac. If you are unfamiliar with Cole-Tac, they have been involved in the gun industry for a number of years. They create all kinds of nylon goods, many revolving around the Precision Rifle community, as well as doing OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) work for a number of companies.

If you are just joining us though, how about a quick recap? The Factory to Table Series got started when I began thinking about how many different pieces of gear needed to come together in order for me to go hunting or even shooting at the range. I also starting thinking about what would be an awesome short range gun for hunting. So with all of this in mind, I started the series.

The series revolves around me going to a number of manufacturers across the country and having a hand in building each component. In New Hampshire I visited Q LLC to build a MiniFix Pistol in 300 Blackout as well as a .30 Caliber Silencer, their Trash Panda. I then went up north to meet with David of Discreet Ballistics to build some subsonic hunting loads for the gun. Which ultimately brings us to Part 4 and my visit to Cole-Tac.

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  1. Carlos torres

    I need one of this for mine trash panda

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