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AP2020 Outdoors Adventures | Cole Tac Metal Python Suppressor Cover and Boss Bag 1st Look

PLEASE SUPPORT AP2020 on Patreon: Follow me on Instagram… Go to My Patreon Page to use my Coupon Code AP2020 for some of my partners! Copyrighted 2017 by AP2020 Outdoors Adventures, LLC Disclaimer: My videos are for demonstration purposes only. Re-creation or duplication of my video’s content by yourself will be done at your own risk. Reloading and any reloading data has been deemed safe ONLY in my systems. Please consult your reloading manuals and always start your load data at least 5% below the maximum charge weights published. AP2020 Outdoors Adventures, LLC will not be held liable for any injury to yourself, others, property, and/or damage to your equipment resulting from attempting to re-create any video content shown in my videos.

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