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The Tripod Leggings from Cole-TAC is the perfect accessory to dress up your tripod. This tripod cover includes three leg wraps with our adjustable BOA straps for legs between 25mm and 40mm. The back is fitted with a non-slip material that grips the legs and prevents sliding or twisting. The Molle compatible webbing allows you to attach any accessory you may want.

Also included in the system is the shelf. This attaches directly to the wraps and allows a convenient place to keep different tools you may need. It can also be used to load weights or ballasts (i.e. rocks) to help keep the tripod stabilized. The drain hole in the middle prevents water and dirt from building up.

Like all of our other gear, this tripod cover is made with the highest quality materials including 1000D Cordura nylon, mil-spec Hook and Loop, and durable metal buckles. It is made right here in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty.

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Additional information

Weight 0.577 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 1 in
Base Color

Black, Black MultiCam, Coyote Brown, MultiCam, Ranger Green

20 reviews for Tripod Leggings

  1. Lee S (verified owner)

    Exceptional product. Very well made with a non-slip backing and metal hook and loop fasteners. This has been done right!

  2. Dennis Cotton (verified owner)

    As usual, another great product. It fit my tripod perfectly and the sleeves do not slide around. The tray or shelf is perfect for putting my stuff on. Well made and i don’t plan on ever taking it off. No hesitation about buying it at all, and if you know me I am OCD about my gear….

  3. Costa (verified owner)

    I run a 42mm tripod. I forgot to tell them in the comments so my fault. They TURNED THEM AROUND SO FAST, and lengthened the straps. Now my Crux Ordnance Tripod legs have their corsets back. I can mount my kestrel pouch to the legs and be just like Dusty. Finally, tight in the pants once again.

  4. Jon cole (verified owner)

    They don’t move great fit on my rrs

  5. Curtis S. Chastain, Lt. Col., USAF (verified owner)

    Excellent product! Well made! I wish they made a little wider version for my Cruxord tripods, have really thick legs.
    I’m going to order another one for my RRS tripod that has thinner legs and it will fit perfectly!!! I’m happy with them!

  6. Jon cole (verified owner)

    Amazing product amazing customer service I’ve got three set ups on my tripods with rock bags love it

  7. Michael Rader (verified owner)

    Nice quality product.

  8. Roy (verified owner)

    Ever gone to move your tripod after being in the sun, with this well constructed product no more burned hands not to mention the shelf holds things to keep your hands free for spotting or put a weight in it to keep your scope from shaking in the wind, highly recommended for people who want the best

  9. Andy Jones (verified owner)

    excelent quality perfect fit even on the jumbo 42mm legs of my pro media gear tripod shelf is super convenient for holding match book shot timer i pad and all the other junk that otherwise endsup in the dirt or sliding off the top of your pack while you dig through it.

  10. JRSanDiego (verified owner)

    Appreciate their quick delivery and high quality. The anti slip fabric on the back works super well. Have 2 sets, love them.

  11. Andrew Edington (verified owner)

    Excellent quality and fit on my RRS TFCT-34L MK2.

  12. Tyler Naudet (verified owner)

    Great addition to my tripod. Fits great and I would buy again

  13. Kent Kingston (verified owner)

    I received the leggings and mega bag in Black Multicam. The Quality is incredible and the product arrived within 2 weeks. No issues with shipping and I had good tracking communication throughout the entire process. I installed the leggings onto my tripod (Vortex Carbon Ridgeview). The only complaint is the straps are just a tiny bit long and the velcro barely attaches when pulled tight. The Ridgeview Tripod has some skinny legs that are a bit skinnier than others. It still fit and attached just fine and it looks to be very secure. I will try it out over the next few months to make sure there are no issues but it looks like it will be fine. The backing on the leggings hold firm and don’t allow for the leggings to spin or slide which is awesome. Overall I am very pleased with them and the lower shelf will be perfect for holding my loose gear. Cole-Tac makes fantastic products and also sponsors many of the shooting clubs like the NRL22 (where I first saw the leggings and had to get my own), I recommend all of their gear to anyone who is looking.

  14. Jeff Perkins (verified owner)

    Just like everything I have purchased from Cole-TAC, exceptional quality, outstanding service and quick delivery. It’s obvious they have thought of everything that matters. Thanks Cole-TAC.

  15. Dan (verified owner)

    Great for on my Vortex Radian
    Would buy again

  16. Greg Norman (verified owner)

    I have two sets of these leggings. I really enjoy the convenience of the shelf piece. They are extremely handy, fit well and do not slip.

  17. Kirk (verified owner)

    Well made but with a little more Velcro they could accommodate larger tripod legs. I removed the Velcro and resewed it to accommodate 45mm.

  18. Chad (verified owner)

    Perfection for a couple mags and a kestrel or a Rock “Charlie Brown voice”. Quality materials and sewing as per usual. A Pouch would be a nice touch but other than a nicety this is a perfect addition for any shooter’s tripod. Looks Rad too!!!

  19. Chris Cook (verified owner)

    Received the center triangle part and one leg wrap only. After being somewhat confused, I called they explained that a new guy decided to only send out one wrap on several orders. They made it right immediately so no big deal. Alls well now and I have another Cole Tac great product that should serve me well for a long time.

  20. Bryan (verified owner)

    Got these in and installed them the same day. The quality of the stitching and fabric are bar none, and installation was extremely fast and the weight capacity of the shelf is impressive for how it’s held in place. Cole-Tac will definitely be getting more of my business with their products!

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